Monday, June 9, 2008

Democrats Seek Assault Knife Regulation

These chubby and fun-loving teens killed one girl's 77 year old grandparents. Democrats say we need better and more sensible knife-control regulations.

I’ve heard from a good source that Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Harry Reid are putting together some tough legislation banning knives in the aftermath of a recent wave of stabbing murders. The latest murders occurred in Japan as a knife-wielding man attacked 17 people, killing 7 of them. This comes almost simultaneously with another knife attack in Niles, California where 5 people were stabbed at a wedding reception. A knife was responsible for the slashing death in 2006 of a foreign exchange student from Britain. That knife attack occurred in Italy, which has so far resisted the challenges posed by the anti-knife lobby in the U.S.

Meanwhile, an investigation still continues into the deaths of three people stabbed to death in a Tenafly, NJ home in May of this year. A Korean man has been arrested in that case, but the murders by stabbing have exacerbated calls from knife-ban advocacy groups for increased regulation on the sale and manufacture of knives.

A New Jersey House member heads a committee to conduct preliminary findings on knife attacks. The committee is drafting legislation which would allow states to sue knife manufacturers and vendors who make profit on the heinous instruments of death. Manufacturers of kitchen knives have mounted an effort to stop such legislation. Though some kitchen knife manufacturers support a ban on hunting knives and martial-style knives, they feel that kitchen knives and other utensils should be exempt from legislation. Knife-ban supporters counter by pointing out a 2004 murder by two Georgia teens of one girl’s grandparents. The double murders of the two 77 year olds shocked the small town of Riverdale.

“The murder weapon in this case was a kitchen knife,” said a ban supporter.

Barbara Boxer of California issued a challenge to the pro-knife dissenters:

“Californians support the knife ban. How long can citizens wait and how many must die before these pointed instruments of death are banned?”
she asked passionately, as the C-span cameras rolled over a house full of empty seats.

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