Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chris Matthews Entertains PA Run Against Arlen Specter in 2010

Chris Matthews’ contract runs out in summer of 2009 and there is repeated mention of his running against PA Republican Senator Arlen Specter in 2010. Matthews has told colleagues wants to take a break and his tv audience needs one too. Matthew’s left-field fringe buddy Keith Olbermann shore up MSNBC’s all-day soap opera and gossip column which, according to Obama Channel policies, falls into the category of news and political opinion.

I think Matthews will find out that the real world is a lot less fawning than the left-fringe sycophants on MSNBC. Motormouth Matthews, as he is known in Pennsylvania, is like one of those Pennsylvania turkeys who inflates his feathers to attract a mate in spring and then scurries away when other Toms are attracted into the fight. There is the YouTube clip from the 2004 convention when Matthews just about dumped in his drawers as Southern Democrat Zell Miller challenged him to a duel. Of course, there are economies of scale presented to any prospective Matthews’ opponent. Matthews’ many YouTube appearance clips are, frankly, embarrassing to Matthews. Matthews’ gets a “slap-down” by a Clinton supporter on one, another “slap-down” by Mike Gravel, and the list goes on ad infinitum. I think a Matthews’ run for Arlen Specter’s seat would be the reality show entertainment America needs. The Matthews’ hot-pants videotape where he blurts out that he gets a warm and runny feeling down his leg when he hears Obama speak will be sure to attract Pennsylvania voters.

Matthews’s antics are unbridled and he seems not to have a sense of propriety. While Obama refuses to sue Mattthews’ for sexual harassment, there was the slight possibility that Erin Burnett of the CNBC Business Channel would. Matthews is the penultimate creep as he tortures Burnett with his infantile fantasies.

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