Friday, June 13, 2008

Barack Obama: Gas Price Increases Are a Good Thing.

CNBC interviewed Barack Obama a couple of days ago and Obama’s response to the energy question shows how significantly out of touch he is with facts on the ground. He thinks that rising gasoline prices will be just the right punishment for the world’s reckless energy consumption. Uh, he does regret the impact on “American pocketbooks,” but “by encouraging the market to adapt to these new circumstances more quickly, particularly US automakers,” then America will develop a “stronger and…more efficient energy policy than we do right now.”

That’s a half-assed vote of confidence. Maybe those cigarettes he’s addicted to are cutting off the flow of blood to Obama’s brain. There was nothing in Obama’s statement that resembled leadership. He doesn’t define things, you know. He’s relying completely on the zeitgeist, the perceived appetite for change. Americans better realize quickly that change can also be for the worst, as they will certainly find out if Obama gets elected. WTF is Obama’s energy policy? Tax the oil companies. Do everything you can to create higher gas prices and energy scarcity so that we can all wear hair shirts and pedal sanctimoniously around on our bicycles. (I have 2 bicycles, BTW). That’s it? I guess it’s true, as McCain says, that Obama is running for Jimmy Carter’s second term.

I'm voting for McCain. I know we can't just drill our way out of energy dependence but I believe we need to do things now that will have a substantial impact five to ten years from now. I do support McCain's idea of dropping the federal gas tax throughout the summer. And I think we need to get electricity from nuclear and other fuel sources. And for heaven's sake, build at least one new refinery!

It's sad and pathetic that, in telling the truth, I will have to defend myself from attacks by people with an emotional and unrealistic and romantic view of the environment. I'm outside in nature just about every day--I don't see too many "environmentalists" out there. I think they're all stuck up at the high-toned restaurants of Big Sur. Manhattan has more “environmentalists” per square foot than any place on earth but they don’t go into the woods because they’re afraid of ticks and mosquitoes. They don’t have any connection to growing their own food and many of them send people out to shop for them.

We need to do everything we can to protect the environment, and we need to move into solar, wind, and alternative energy. But we don't need to wring our hands fretfully and throw ourselves at the mercy of the internationalist left-liberal world court which has already given us a "thumbs down." America didn't become America by lying down in the face of challenges...

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