Monday, June 30, 2008

Military to seek death penalty for USS Cole suspect -

Military to seek death penalty for USS Cole suspect - CNN.comHere is a good chance for Obama to show his patriotism and his avowed support for the death penalty in the murder of 17 American sailors. But why the silence? What is in Obama's heart? Oh, that's right, I forgot. Obama only supports the death penalty in a limited sense involving the rape of children. The murder of 17 Americans means little to Obama and his followers....

The Low-Flying Obama Campaign Flames Out with Wesley Clark

Hillary Clinton Gets the Judas Kiss from Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton met Barack Obama at a political gathering in the town of Unity and the headline in the newspapers around the country could have been summed up in one word: “Fractured.” There is a growing number of anti-Obama groups in the Democratic party and it’s not so much that Obama won out over Hillary that explains the fracture but rather the way it was done. In one way or another, buck stops with Obama, in spite of the fact that much of animosity toward Obama stems from people like Susan Power who called Hillary a “monster.” Obama surrogates have been unleashed in a most unseemly way to bring politics low while trying not to splash mud on their guy Obama. Yesterday, the pint-sized former General Clark demeaned the honor of all Navy veterans in depicting John McCain as being somehow less heroic because he was shot out of the sky as opposed to slogging it out on the ground like a G.I.

Listen, I’m an Army guy myself, and I have great respect for the infantry, but I met a couple of jet jocks once and became somewhat familiar with their training routines even without a war. It seems to me that it’s a crap shoot every time you come flying out of the sky at incredible speed and must land on the little strip of deck of an aircraft carrier which must look about as big as a leprechaun’s dick when you’re up there. If it were easy, then why would they need those giant tensile cables which keep you from skidding out into Davy Jones locker. The takeoff must be similar fun—just imagine a badly thrown Frisbee with clipped edges hurtling from the observation deck of the former World Trade Center building. Like you could go straight down instead of up and way.

Anyway, the dipshit General Clark ought to read a little McCain history before opening his trap. I suppose McCain was a real pussy for bailing from the cockpit when an erroneously fired missile from a nearby craft lit up the deck of the carrier he was on, destroying a bunch of planes, a bunch of lives, and nearly the entire carrier. At least General Clark should admit that it was a little warm for McCain and the others aboard ship and plane….about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit…as the bombs cooked off and men scrambled to save lives or dove hundreds of feet into the sea while burning. And pussy McCain, what does he do a week after the fire is finally put out and the ship limps to port? He volunteers for another carrier group, gets shot out of the sky, busted up from stem to stern, and tortured for about five years in a variety of North Vietnamese indoctrination camps. Pussy McCain…how could he possibly compete with the fiery patriotism of General Clark and his boss, Barack Obama?

I suppose we will hear another scripted statement of regret from the Obama camp, but the stink is beginning to rise and spread out. Groups like P.U.M.A (Party Unity My Ass) at and Don’t Vote for Obama ( are sick of the sneaky Obama and they are fighting back. Most are former Hillary Clinton supporters who now support John McCain. Shockingly, they are nearly 100 percent staunch Democratic Party liberals who would vote for most Democrats over most Republicans. Check out the website to assess for yourself whether these are Republican “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and you will find a great disdain for the backhanded and deceptive tactics used by Obama’s people to purge and destroy the Clinton voters in their party. Moreover, many of these people are hoping that a roll call vote at the Denver Democratic convention will put Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket.

Obama's Verbal Shift From Left-Liberal Standing

I wonder if Barack Obama is in sync with his constituency in supporting the death penalty. His comments to reporters in the week after the Supreme Court ruling that child rapists may not be executed would seem to indicate just that. Obama’s working hard to convince people he’s not just another left-liberal fringe candidate by running away from earlier positions on gun control, the death penalty, and America’s security. I guess Obama’s run for the centrist position held by Senator Hillary Clinton in the primaries is necessary, but I’m not sure that everyone believes him. One wishes that all his statements were as clear as the one he made to reporters: "I think that the rape of a small child, six or eight years old, is a heinous crime and if a state makes a decision that under narrow, limited, well-defined circumstances, the death penalty is at least potentially applicable, that does not violate our Constitution," he said.

I hope it didn’t take Obama a long time for him to come to that conclusion.

Supreme Court Disavows the Nanny-State in 2nd Amendment Ruling

We’re so lucky to be living in a country where our freedoms are guaranteed by a constitution that is clear and unequivocal about our inalienable rights. The founding fathers who created the Bill of Rights were cognizant of how things were done in Europe, and while conditions were often tolerable there, the degree of individual freedom granted to Americans is unmatched anywhere in the world. One of those freedoms is possession of firearms, guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. There can be no doubt, in light of the Supreme Court ruling in the D.C. gun law ban, that the 2nd Amendment cannot be abrogated by the Nanny Statists who claim to be protecting us while they hatch plans to herd us like livestock into the human equivalent of a complacent, bovine prison.

The founding fathers trusted that people knew enough about tyranny to govern themselves. The gun-controllers and nanny-staters believe that, because some people are bad and do harm to others, all of us must surrender out rights and acquiesce to their control. Nanny-staters like Mayor Adrian M. Fenty of Washington D.C. believe that, wherever there is a handgun and a law-abiding citizen, the citizen will inevitably pick up the handgun and commit mayhem and violence. The nanny-staters are currently going ballistic over the Supreme Court ruling, but that is as close as they will get to firearms and bullets because they believe such things are inherently evil. The nanny-staters have trouble differentiating between objects and people, so they tend to lump them all together, or to put blame on objects instead of people when the legitimate and constitutional laws of government are broken.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Political Radar: Obama Camp Disavows Last Year's 'Inartful' Statement on D.C. Gun Law

Political Radar: Obama Camp Disavows Last Year's 'Inartful' Statement on D.C. Gun LawObama is on Your Side and Obama is on My Side. Trouble is, it's not the same side.

Barack Obama, The Movie: Sequence 4 (Obama Saves Budweiser for America)

In this episode, Mika Brezinski continues her interview with Mr. Be sure to keep up to date with episode sequences 1 to 3 before reading:

Mika Brezinski
Plus you married a woman, too, didn't you? Woman-haters don't generally do that, do they?

Barack Obama
No, they don't.

Mika Brezinski (delighted)
Well put, Senator.
(puts out her fist)
Give me a fist bump, bro'...

They bump fists.


The MSNBC cameras move into a long, steady closeup of the two fists bumped together, one fist cream-colored, the other darker, a color between regular coffee and latte. A subliminal message is flashed across the screen. As background, there is the Original Obama Presidential Seal which is intended to be similar to the real one but has an ersatz look. At 500 nano-second intervals, the word "Unity" is sublimally flashed in the foreground.

Barack Obama
What about you, Willie. Would you like to fist-bump, too?

Willie Geist
(reaches fist out)
Willie Geist and Barack Obama bump fists. The Obama Channel cameras move back to take in the entire studio again.

Mika Brezinski
And you know, Senator, we've often been accused of being partial to the Democratic side, your side...and though we think that insinuation comes from Karl Rove and the rest of that horrible right-wing attack machine...I'd like to ask you a very difficult and sensitive question....

Barack Obama
Sure...Go right head, Mika.

They fist bump happily. Willie tries to fist-bump too, but is ignored.

Mika Brezinski
NAFTA, Senator...Americans are worried about the export of jobs overseas. And you are widely regarded as the protector of American jobs, aren't you?

Barack Obama
Yes, that's right, Mika

Mika Brezinski
Good answer!....and your right-wing extremist neo-con opponents often point to your lack of experience and alleged elitism. Is there any recent example of how you might act to save America's jobs?

Barack Obama
Sure I can!
Mika, as you know I've been long opposed to the takeover of Anheuser-Busch by foreign interests who...
(thoughtfully pondering)
Foreign interests who are not very much interested in America's national security...
(more thoughtful pondering)
Nor its national pastime--baseball. So right now John McCain's Republicans are filibustering my bill to save Anheuser-Busch from foreign buyers.

Willie Geist
You're talking about the InBev invasion!

Barack Obama
That's right, Willie.... Think...about...that for a moment. A Belgian company...InBev...attempting catch my meaning--a hostile, that's right, HOSTILE takeover of the company that makes Budweiser and so many other great beers.

Mika Brezinski
Oh, you're sooooo right, Senator..

Barack Obama
And you know...Mika....Willie....this goes right to the heart...that's right, the heart...incidentally, I have a special health care program to deal specifically with heart conditions...but this goes to the heart of foreign ownership of America's greatest beer company...

Mika Brezinski
Ooooh, Barack!....This issue has got great appeal to America's blue-collar workers and beer-drinkers.

Willie Geist
And yet, there are those who say you are an elitist, that you dont...relate!

Barack Obama
Well, the neocons won't try that again...not since my FIGHT THE SMEARS website went up. Now the American people can look on there...look on there...if they wanna'..they're gonna' see the truth on there...the truth...

Mika Brezinski
But what is the danger to America in foreign ownership of a beer company?

Barack Obama
National security, Mika! Money and jobs to Belgium means more pain at the taps here in America!

Willie Geist
Raised prices!

Barack Obama
Right again, Willie... And here's a fist-bump for you...
(they bump)

Mika Brezinski

Barack Obama
Not only that, Mika...but my research shows that Americans will be less happy than they are now. Americans are not happy. Democrats want America to be happy; the Republicans don't. John McCain is honorable but he doesn't want a bunch of happy Americans running around. Happy Americans mean the end of the Republican domination of the White House.

Willie Geist
We've got to all fist bump that one, Senator.

The three fist-bump together. Mika and Willie are wide-eyed because the voices in their earpieces are frantic.
Mika Brezinski
Okay...just hold that thought, Barack...We've got to cut for a commerical.


An Annheuser-Busch commercial featuring Barack Obama in a sky-box of a Chicago ball-park with his feet up, holding a can of Bud and smiling.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama and the Whopper: Big Lie Number 1245

The Obama campaign is insidious, reminiscent of Lenni Riefenstahl's glorification of Dur Fuhrer. What really upsets me is that there are no restraints to Obama's claims. I saw a TV ad recently in which Obama took credit for extending additional health care benefits for wounded troops. He was referring to a 2008 defense authorization bill. When the vote happened, Obama was one of the six senators who were absent. So Mr. Invisible had no part in the 91-3 vote.

That doesn't stop him though. His feckless supporters and the softball media are infected with the "Rapture," and they're hoping you will be, too. How many times must an image be projected before it's determined fake?

But I guess a guy who made his own presidential seal wouldn't be worried about a tiny bit of pscyho-pathology.


Major Constitutional Victory in D.C. Gun Law Ruling of Supreme Court

The 5-4 Supreme Court decision regarding Washington DC's unconstitutional gun laws is a major victory for American freedom. America is unique in that the constitution truly supports individual freedom to a degree unmatched in other countries and governments. It is a distinctly American freedom, and it is not to be taken away by those elites and special interest advocates who feel that they know better how the rest of us should conduct our lives.

Surely, there are problems arising when guns end up in the wrong hands, but there is no basis for restricting the freedoms of all persons who need to defend themselves from criminals who do not obey any laws, much less gun laws. Many people in the U.S. live far away from policed areas and, even among those who lives blocks away from police departments, home invasion violence can occur well before the police can arrive to assist the victims. In many violent cases, police can only arrive on the scene ex post facto, write a report, and conduct an investigation. This is not meant in any way to decry or disparage the public service dedication of police departments, but it is a fact of life. The Supreme Court decision today shows that there is indeed intelligent, freedom-loving life on the planet.

We should applaud the decision, regretting only that the decision wasn't 9-0.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

John Kerry Blasts Futures Contract Speculators for High Oil Prices

These photos are from 8 weeks ago. Did oil stocks deplete so much?

Congressional Democrats have found a new slogan, a new “bad word” called “speculation.” The word these days is applied to the high price of gasoline, diesel, and heating oil. Yet, high prices are just what the Democratic nominee wants in order to diminish “consumption”, which has slightly more evil connotations than the word “demand.”

To repeat ad nauseum that increased demand from India and China has put pressure on supply is to miss the point congressional Democrats are trying to make. Multimillionaire John Kerry put himself once again into the fray yesterday to decry the evil speculators on Wall Street who inflate commodity prices by engaging in futures trading. Futures trading is the buying and selling of things you’ll never use yourself but which have great value for others who really need such things. An auto manufacturer or a farm both depend upon fuel oil and must either buy it on the spot market or the futures market. Because of the action of “speculators” in energy commodities, the farmer and the manufacturer must compete with these people to buy fuel. The excitement and panic generated by public oil policy and the Malthusian claims of “peak oil” and “excess consumption” has created a profit bubble unimaginable even to the most reckless and wildly bullish energy speculator.

What’s worse is that Kerry, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi want to keep things that way. Beneath the public jibes, there is a bit of pride in what they have accomplished. Decreased U.S. demand for petrol by political fiat. High profile scapegoats on Wall Street. An economy going into the tank so they can point to Republicans for blame.

They tell us they’re doing the thinking for the “little man,” the poor, dumb guys who ride around in pickup trucks with small power tools and dirt beneath the fingernails. I’ll tell you what the “little guy” wants. He wants to be able to afford to get himself to work and to heat his house in winter. The little guy doesn’t mind off-shore drilling 90 miles off the coast because that’s where the Cubans are drilling for oil. The little guy wants conservation, too, and better mileage from his pickup. The little guy tries to be sensible, practical in all things, even though he knows that he could spend his entire life driving his pickup without using even a 10th of the energy Al Gore and John Kerry use to maintain their lawns and gardens.

Sure, speculators have bid up the prices for oil and other energy commodities. What can be done about it? Should we pass a world-wide law saying that you can’t bid on futures contracts unless you’re going to use the product? And would that work at the U.N? I guess such a law could only apply to the U.S. commodities markets, which is the whole point of the Congressional Democrats anyway. Or perhaps we should allow oil commodity speculation but only to a certain point. When the price reaches that ceiling, all oil commodity speculation in the U.S. would have to stop, rather like a program trading stops on the Dow. That way we’d get rid of those awful creepy money loving commodities traders—they’d go over right way to the Bourse, the DAX, the Footsie (FTSE) or somewhere the hell else in the world. Then we could pass another law prohibiting that. Followed by economic wars with foreign exchanges!

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant, those congressional Democrats. Things will be much better when they take control of America. Unless the energy bubble collapses before that happens.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dick Morris Reports from the New York Post

The following is from the New York Post article by Dick Morris. It may be old news for some of you but others may need to read it:



Published in The New York Post on June 19, 2008.

Printer-Friendly Version

In an ABC interview on Monday, Sen. Barack Obama urged us to go back to the era of criminal-justice prosecution of terror suspects, citing the successful efforts to imprison those who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993.

It was key to his attack on the Bush administration, which he charged, has "been willing to skirt basic protections that are in our Constitution . . . It is my firm belief that we can crack down on threats against the United States, but we can do so within the constraints of our Constitution. . .

"In previous terrorist attacks - for example, the first attack against the World Trade Center, we were able to arrest those responsible, put them on trial. They are currently in US prisons, incapacitated."

This is big - because that prosecution, and the ground rules for it, had more to do with our inability to avert 9/11 than any other single factor.

Because we treated the 1993 WTC bombing as simply a crime, our investigation was slow, sluggish and constrained by the need to acquire admissible evidence to convict the terrorists.

As a result, we didn't know that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda were responsible for the attack until 1997 - too late for us to grab Osama when Sudan offered to send him to us in 1996. Clinton and National Security Adviser Sandy Berger turned down the offer, saying we had no grounds on which to hold him or to order his kidnapping or death.

Obama's embrace of the post-'93 approach shows a blindness to the key distinction that has kept us safe since 9/11 - the difference between prosecution and protection.

Pre-9/11, the priority was what it had always been - to identify the guilty, gather evidence to convict and punish them by imprisonment.

Post-9/11, the goal changed - now it's to identify and frustrate any and all pending terrorist attacks.

Should the effort to stop the attacks lead to arrests and provide enough admissible evidence to incarcerate or deport those responsible, fine. But gathering intelligence - not court-admissible evidence - lies at the core of the mission.

So when we found Jose Padilla - a terrorist planning to build a dirty bomb and explode it in a populated area - we couldn't prosecute him for his plans. We had the evidence, but it hadn't come to us in a form that made it admissible in a criminal court. So we prosecuted him on lesser charges of aiding terrorists by providing them with funds and supplies - something for which we had sufficient admissible evidence.

Would Obama require all our investigations to be conducted within the procedural framework needed to bring a criminal prosecution? That would slow our anti-terror efforts - fatally.

It has before. Following Obama's logic, Attorney General Janet Reno and her deputy, Jamie Gorelick, ruled that evidence seized in an immigration prosecution couldn't be turned over to intelligence operatives investigating terrorism.

The "Gorelick Wall" barred anti-terror investigators from accessing the computer of Zacarias Moussaoui, the 20th hijacker, already in custody on an immigration violation.

He was taking flying lessons in Minneapolis at the time, so we wondered what he was up to. But we didn't look at his computer, and find the e-mail addresses and records of fund-transfers to each of the 9/11 hijackers - information that might well have prevented the attacks.

Our constitutional protections are wonderful and shouldn't be abridged on any account. But the protections in the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments relate to prosecution under criminal law.

Intelligence that doesn't lead to prosecution isn't covered. But Obama would cover it anyway. He'd require us all to proceed in the way we had to in the halcyon days after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing - procedures that led us to miss the point of what was going on, to fail to identify the real culprits until it was too late and left us unprepared for future attacks.

Barack Obama, The Movie : Sequence 3, the MSNBC Interview

Previously on Barack Obama, The Movie: Obama still struggles with the nicotine patch, even as he takes a sit for an interview with Willie Geist and Mika Brezinski at the MSNBC studios:


Barack Obama smiles broadly in the direction of the camera. He has wonderful, strong teeth and is rightly proud of them although one campaign advisor told him it might be a turn-off for the elderly. But for the MSNBC studio cams, Obama feels it is important to smile brightly.


Mika Brezinski and Willie Geist swell to the cameras and smile.

Mika Brezinski
Welcome to the Obama Channel...errr, MSNBC, I mean. There, I said it.

Willie Geist
So you did, Mika. Hello, Senator.
Barack Obama
Hi, Willie... Go ahead...Ask me anything...

Mika Brezinski (painfuly)
Welllllll, Senator... Bar-Ack O-Bah-Mah!...

Barack Obama (smiling)
Yes, here I am, sweetie....

Mika Brezinski (giggling)
So you are, Senator..
(giggling even more)
And we...that is, Willie and I, Mika...

Barack Obama (interjecting)
I know who you are, Mika... I catch your show even when I'm on the road...

Mika Brezinski
That's cool, Senator!...That's really, really, really cool!

Barack Obama
And you're cool, too, Mika, and so is Willie over here...
(motioning toward Willie), too.

Willie Geist
Thank you very much, Senator, and now I'd like to ask you...

Barack Obama (chuckling)
I hope you're not going to ask me if I'd like a pillow now, are you? Heh-heh... Remember that SNL clip that got so much play on YouTube?

Willie Geist
Well, that was funny, Senator...but only for a little while, not for 2 weeks like they played it.

Barack Obama
I didn't think so either. You know, some folks just don't know when to quit and be serious. The country's facing a lot of problems and I don't like spending a lot of time on nonsense the way President Bush does, and the way Senator McCain would if he is allowed to serve George Bush's third term.

Mika Brezinski
Well put, Senator! My, that's eloquent. It's no wonder Chris Matthew had a chill running down his leg when he hears you speak.

Barack Obama (slyly)
I hope you're not going to tell me, Mika, that you have a chill running down your leg....

Mika Brezinski (embarrassed)
OH, NO!..NO!..NO! No, Senator.

Barack Obama
I hope not, anyway..
Michelle might take issue with me on that.

Mika Brezinski
No, no chill..but you can call me "sweetie" any time, Senaator. I think it was horrible how the right-wing media jumped all over you for that.

Barack Obama
So do I, was horrible. As if I were a...what's that word...that SAT word?...

Willie Geist
Misogynist? Sexist?

Barack Obama
You said it, Willie, I didn't. Listen, there's a big difference between a candidate like me who's for the rights of everyone, including members of the opposite sex, and certain members of the Republican Party who have a very narrow view of the role a woman should play in national politics with the exception of Condy Rice, of course. I think my deep friendship with Senator Clinton should make it very, very clear that I am not a sexist.

Willie Geist

Mika Brezinski
Plus you married a woman, too, didn't you? Woman-haters don't generally do that, do they?

Barack Obama
No, they don't.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Diggtards and Digg: The 2 Commandments

Dante needs to construct another circle of Hell for Diggtards. It’s easy to envision two opposing walls of Digg-tards writhing in the flames, condemned forever to be looking at each other fondly. In Digg-Tard heaven, there are two commandments. Thou shalt love Barack Obama. Thou shall not tolerate those who do not love Barack Obama. This translates to “Digg” or “Bury” in the Diggtard language. Diggtardism is an absolute state of mind. Digg is self-stimulating absolutism. Conflicting opinions must never rise to the top in the Land of the Digg-tards. There is only one single point of view, and Digg-tards must work together to advance it. Original thinking is the Original Sin of Digg. Originality must be stifled by convergence of Digg-tards to bury it whenever it appears. Diggtardism and Obama are joined in the only battle Diggtards will ever fight. The struggle for sameness, the championship of weakness, the triumph of solipsism.

I’m not the only one who thinks so. When your corruption is so widely known that it appears on Wikipedia, then you’re in trouble. Here are some excerpts from the wikipedia listing of “Diggtard:”

Digg has come under criticism for varying reasons. Most disparagements are centered on the site's form of user-moderation: users have too much control over content, allowing sensationalism and misinformation to thrive.[5][6] The site has also suffered the risk of companies paying for stories submitted to the site,[7][8][9] similar to the phenomenon of company-attempted Google bombing.
Other critics feel that the site's operators may exercise too much control over which articles appear on the front page as well as the comments on Digg's forums.[10][11] Some users complain that they have been blocked from posting, and their accounts disabled, for making comments in the user-moderated forums that conflict with the personal interests of Digg's operators.[12] The existence of the "bury" option has also been criticized as undemocratic and due to its anonymous nature, unaccountable,[13] which often leads to expungement of criticism of hotbed topics that do not mesh with the prevailing view of the community. Another criticism in this area has been[14] how a faulty or misleading article can reach many users quickly, blowing out of proportion the unsupported claims or accusations (a mob mentality).
Certain Digg users have been accused of operating a "Bury Brigade" that tags articles with which they disagree as spam,[6][15][16]thus attempting to bury stories critical of Digg. One commentator states that one of the site's major problems: the ability of a small number of users to "bury" stories without accountability. Burying news is meant to help separate spam and inaccurate stories from the general morass of ordinary, viable stuff. But there's long been the suspicion that plenty of users use it to get rid of stories about things they don't like (eg political parties or corporates) - since burying a story is much more powerful than simply voting against it.[17]
It has been reported that the top 100 Digg users controlled 56% of Digg's frontpage content, and that a niche group of just twenty individuals had submitted 25% of the frontpage content.[18][10] A few sites[6] have raised the problem of groupthink and the possibility that the site is being "manipulated", so to speak.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Barack Obama, The Movie (Sequence 2)

In a previous episode, presidential candidate Barack Obama struggles to quit smoking, his flip-flop persona on public funding of political campaigns, and worry about an interview with Mika Brezinki of MSNBC, The OBama Channel. Now, we continue with the latest happenings in the surreal world of the Obama Campaign:

Obama goes off to the lavatory to smoke his cigarette, calling behind him as he moves off:

Barack Obama (continued)
Get that statement ready on public campaign financing. I'll look it over when I come back.

Obama Aide Hillary Dale
Don't forget to turn on the exhaust fan. And hurry!...We're running behind on your interview with Mika Brezinski at MSNBC studios.

Fade to black....


The MSNBC Studios in New York. Joe Scarborough has taken a powder and Mika is accompanied only by her sidekick, Willie Geist. Mika Brezkinski nervously grasps the script on her desk, her mouth compressed.

Mika Brezinski
SHIT!...Shit, shit, shit!.... Where did I put the damn thing?...Shit!...

Willie Geist (mildly)
What thing? What are you looking for Mika?
Mika Brezinski
The phonetic spelling script..

Willie Geist
What on earth do you need that for?

Mika Brezinski (frustrated, grasping)
WILLIE!... You know I have trouble with names....

Willie Geist
Yeah, but we've had Obama on before...

Mika Brezinski (angrily)
Yes, yes Willie, we did! And I had trouble saying his name, didn't I? You remember, dont' you? And Scarborough's never let me live it down...screw him, anyway!

Willie Geist
We're ready? It's air-time....

Mika Brezinski
God!...Not now!...Tell 'em to wait a minute. You go on...say anything... I want that damn phonetic thing....

Willie Geist
Oh, Mika...that'll never happen again.

Mika Brezinski
What? What will never happen again?
What, Willie....Willie, if you so much as remind me of that again, I'll peel your skin, you little Nazi son-of-a-bitch....

Willie Geist (brightly facing the camera)
Okay, here we go, Mika...

The Camera opens up with a dual shot of Mika and Willie. Mika is smiling broadly, Willie beside her.

Mika Brezinski
Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Morning Joe...
I'm not Scarborough, as you can see. And Willie's not Osama...eeeeek!....Holy shit!.. I did it again!....
(shocked, having forgotten herself for a moment, Mika looks wide-eyed at the camera)

Willie Geist (smoothly)
No, and I'm not Obama either, Mika, but we're going to get to him soon.

Mika Brezinski (recovered)
Yes, you heard right and if you've been watching you may have heard of our guest...
(pauses, looks about nervously)
...our Willie said...
(fearfully looks at Willie)

Willie Geist
Barack Obama will be with us today in just a few moments...right after this..


A political commercial by Moron dot Morg. This is a recent brilliant effort by Moron dot. Morg to undermine the presidential campaign of Obama rival John McCain. The camera opens on a woman holding a diapered infant in her arms. The woman is young, blond, white. The baby is young, blond, white.


On the young woman's face, tender, sniffing the air to inhale the sweet odor of baby powder. The infant makes little murmuring sounds.

Young Woman with Baby (guardedly)
Hello, John McCain, I want to introduce you to Alex.
(pushes baby forward toward the camera)
Yes, this is Alex, my son. I bet you never had a son, John McCain..because if you did he would be saying what my little Alex is saying right now. Do you hear, Senator McCain? Would you be able to hear Alex if you were president? Because what sounds like little gurgling noises to you makes a great deal of sense to me. Because what little Alex is saying is very clear to me. Alex is saying "Give peace a chance, John McCain, give peace a chance."


A war zone. American troops are kicking in the door to a tidy house where a family is gathered around the tea table. Machinegun fire echoes in the distance as a baby cries. The soldiers herd the entire family off to a waiting deuce and a half with the word "Guantanamo" scripted on the side.


Young Woman with Baby
So what I'm tellin you on behalf of Alex, Senator McCain, is that you can't have him. You can't get your hooks into him. Maybe one day when you have a son, you will understand. You can't have Alex. You can't have our babies.


MSNBC Studios with Mika Brezinski and Willie Geist. They are still in the midst of a commercial break. Willie is expressing wonderment to Mika.

Willie Geist (wryly)
I don't get that Moron Dot Morg thing, Mika... Doesn't McCain have a son in Iraq?

Mika Brezinski
Yeah, well he had two of them but who knew? You're missing the point, Willie. My dad helped George with that political info-mercial. The public needs to know.
Willie Geist (persisting)
But isn't McCain, I mean...Isn't McCain sort of like the real deal or something? I mean...wasn't he...

Mika Brezinski
Yeah, yeah, we heard all that before. Shot out of the air, whoop-de-doo! Tortured and blah-blah...that was years ago and who gives a shit? If he was such a hot-shit, he'd have gone to Harvard and been president of the Harvard Law Review like...

Willie Geist
Barack Obama?

Mika Brezinski
Right. And now we're back live on MSNBC, The Obama Channel.

Willie Geist
And with us now is the Senator from Chicago, Barack Obama...


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Don't Vote for Obama, The Most Complete Anti Obama website

Don't Vote for Obama, The Most Complete Anti Obama websiteGee, there is intelligent life on the planet. I thought I was the sole anti-Obama community organizer.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Barack Obama: The Movie : Sequence 1 (opening scene)

Obama Aide Hillary Dale
Look here, Barack, we need to issue a statement on this campaign financing thing pronto! And I mean RIGHT QUICK!

Barack Obama
Where are my cigarettes?

Obama Aide Hillary Dale (frowns)
Are you listening, Barack? We don't have a moment to spare...

Barack Obama
Not now, Hillary... I'm looking for my butts....

Obama Aide Hillary Dale
I hid them in the lower right hand drawer of my desk...

Barack Obama
Your desk?...Why your desk? Why not my own desk?

Obama Aide Hillary Dale
The key is under the desk calendar on Axes desk.

Barack Obama
What the hell? I need....a cigarette... right quick. Yes, that's right. A cigarette.

Hillary Dale impatently rushes over to Axelrod's desk and retrieves the key from under the desk calendar. Barack Obama looks impatient, watching her intently.

Barack Obama (now smiling)
Sweetie.... Why is the key on Axes desk and not my own?

Obama Aide Hillary Dale
He told me to keep it there. He says that's the only way we can get a grip on the situation.

Barack Obama
Situtation? What situation?

Obama Aide Hillary Dale
The number of cigarettes you're smoking and the progress you're making in quitting.
Barack Obama
Quitting? I've already told Axe that I did quit once already. I can quit again. No problema! But not just now...

Obama Aide Hillary Dale
Here's the key....three cigarettes is all you can get today. Strict orders. And David says you must smoke in the lav.

Hillary retrieves the pack from the drawer and hands a cigarette to Obama who takes it and grins sheeplishly, then bounds off.

Barack Obama
Back in a flash...or a puff of smoke!

Obama goes off to the lavatory to smoke his cigarette, calling behind him as he moves off:

Barack Obama (continued)
Get that statement ready on public campaign financing. I'll look it over when I come back.

Obama Aide Hillary Dale
Don't forget to turn on the exhaust fan. And use that mouthwash that's in the closet. Mika Brezinski will be here for your interview at nine.

Fade to black....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Congressional Democrats Assume Control over Big Oil Operations

Meanwhile the Democrat controlled Congress is going into the oil business with views like that expressed by Congressman Nelson. Nelson and other elitist Democrats oppose offshore drilling for oil because they want to keep gasoline and heating oil prices high as a means of controlling pollution. They feel that strangling the economy with high petrol prices is a moral imperative, a view consistent with Al Gore’s documentary on global warming. Gore recently endorsed Obama (surprise! Yawn…) who also opposes offshore and onshore drilling in the U.S. Consider that all three of those guys, within the sum total of their energy consumption, consume more oil in a single year than ten common people will consume in their lifetimes.

Exhibiting his vast expertise in the oil business, Nelson said that the oil companies already had leases on federal lands which had not been drilled. Perhaps Nelson will venture out of his offices one day to inform the retarded oil company managers exactly where to pitch their tents and position the drills. It would save a great deal of time, and then we could be drilling at 100 percent of lease capacity, with Congressional assurances that we will find substantial oil profits with every spin of the drill bit.

Other congressional Democrats want to punish the oil companies for their temerity in holding leases by shrinking or cutting back on the leases if the companies don’t drill within a specified period of time. That’s taking the bull by the horns, and I don’t see why Exxon and Mobil even bother to have Operation CEOs at all when such guidance can be had from Congressional Democrats free of charge.

Additional drilling in the U.S. may not have a large impact on supply but it will have a significant impact on commodity speculators. The Saudi oil ministers seem to think so also. The Arabs announced an increase in production of heavy crude by 300,000 barrels a day with precisely that in mind. Popping the speculative futures bubble should be a first priority. Increasing capacity by offshore drilling will help to do that, as we move farther along the path toward alternative sources of energy. Working Americans need help right now in immediately reducing gasoline prices. Congress should drop the price of gas by .20 cents immediately by knocking off the federal tax.

Rudy Giuliani's Morning Tour of CNN, FOX News, and the Obama Channel

“Inexperienced and naïve” is how Hillary Clinton described Barack Obama’s foreign policy views, and Rudy Giuliani visited MNSBC, FOX News and CNN this a.m. to say the same. Giuliani is back with gusto, criticizing the Supreme Court’s recent decision to grant all legal rights to enemy combatants who are now part of a great Democratic Catch and Release Program. Some Democrats favor Catch and Release because it frees these guys to go back out to try to kill more American soldiers. This is supposed to protect your freedom, but that’s a canard, because the ruling is strictly political and usurps the powers of the legislative and executive branches of government to make laws and set policies. The dissenting opinion of the court makes this clear and is worth reading but the Obama Channels will compress it down into a 10 second sound bite and tattoo you with a slogan.

Congressman Kent Conrad Gives $10,500 to Habitat for Humanity

I don’t understand people like Democratic Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota. He says he was steered to troubled Countrywide Bank by his pal Jim Johnson, recently fired as an advisor to the Obama campaign. Johnson went through the revolving door from Ginny Mae, the government sponsored mortgage investment organization, to CEO of Countrywide Bank, to becoming a campaign advisor to Barack Obama. Both Johnson and pal Kent Conrad got special financial treatment as members of the FOA, the Friends of Angelo (Mozilo). Apparently, they believed it was alright for them to do that since the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Chris Dodd, also took advantage of his special relationship to Countrywide Bank CEO Angelo Mozilo.

Demonstrating what a nice guy he is, Kent Conrad gave $10,500 to Habitat for Humanity—the amount of gain he says he had from the special point arrangement he’d got on his loan. With regard to another loan he received for his investment in a 10-unit apartment complex, Senator Conrad says he’ll refinance that one with another bank since that Countrywide loan departed also from established bank policies.

Barack Obama doesn’t see anything wrong with any of it, in spite of firing Johnson, and in spite of his sharp campaign trail criticisms of Countrywide and its sub-prime loan business. That’s judgment you can count on and change you can believe in.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

McCain Would Relax Drilling Ban -

McCain Would Relax Drilling Ban - WSJ.comElite Democrats feel that high energy prices and high gasoline taxes are a way of engaging the common folk in their peculiar brand of "conservation." Socialist countries like Brazil have offshore deposits of oil and have no problem with offshore drilling. The Chinese have drilling operations off the Cuban coast on behalf of their Cuban hosts. Gee, isn't Cuba very close to Florida? Yet, the U.S. ban on offshore drilling remains in place. I guess the only kind of drilling Chris Dodd favors is drilling into special cheap loans at Countrywide Bank.

Obama on Jim Johnson controversy - First Read -

Obama on Jim Johnson controversy - First Read - msnbc.comI guess we're to think it's not as serious as all that, considering Obama's comments. Hem and haw.

From My Lips to Barack Obama's Ears

It was June 10 when I first picked up the story of chief campaign aide Jim Johnson, the former Fanny Mae chief and friend of Countrywide Bank executive Angelo Mozilo. I wonder now if the title to my blog was too crude: “Obama's Johnson Caught In CountryWide Bank's Zipper.”

A day or two later, Barack Obama fired Jim Johnson at warp speed. It just goes to show you the devastating impact of my 200 strong readership. Are you sufficiently wowed? Of course, the story is very big right now on the blogs, the major media, the big newspapers like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Apparently, it wasn’t only Barack Obama’s Johnson which was caught in Countrywide’s zipper; Senator Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, also benefited from being a “FOA” or Friend of Angelo (Mozilo), and so did Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota. There’s no telling how deeply this tinge of corruption runs and the Wall Street Journal and others are right in calling for an investigation. This goes to the heart of the American economy and the reckless subprime mortgage business. It raises questions of public corruption and these senators should not be given cover simply because they are “FOB” (Friends of Obama). There were other former public officials who received phat loans from Angelo: Donna Shalala, and former U.N. ambassador and assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke also favorable treatment which wasn’t available to other customers.

Well, this is the “new politics” folks and I hope you like it. The revolving door of politics and profit seems to be behind a lot of the Obama campaign maneuvers, beginning with the support Obama received from Rezko. While Obama was just an eager young junior politician in a hurry to rise, Jim Johnson, Chris Dodd, and these others are veteran players in an established game of hoodwinking a naïve public while profiting at taxpayer expense. Frankly, scams like these depend upon your neglect of tedious economic matters. Economics is a sleep agent for me as well as for too many others. I have resolved to keep myself awake, however, especially in these times of the “new politics of Barack Obama, the all-purpose Messiah-Demagogue who rants about “lobbyists” in the Republican party.

Johnson was a CEO at Fanny Mae which has the U.S. government’s imprimatur and the insurance of the taxpayer. Fanny Mae bought millions of dollars in mortgage debt from Angelo, which it then turned into securities packages. Countrywide got into deep trouble with its sub-prime lending and weak mortgage structures and this didn’t seem to bother Jim Johnson. It was far more important to cozy up to the money machine and its special “Friends of Angelo” window. The Wall Street Journal reports that 28 percent of Fanny Mae’s home mortgage (single homeowner) business was with Friend Angelo, as compared to 4 percent for giant Bank of America. No wonder B of A is trying to acquire Countrywide, notes the Wall Street Journal. The quid pro quo is that all of these people previously mentioned received special treatment in return: cheaper money, faster service, a departure from banking regulations that apply to the common folk.

If you’re at all skeptical by now, I can only suggest a stomach antacid. Obama fired Johnson at warp speed, a powerful indication of his recognition of a very serious problem. To know how serious Obama considered the potential for scandal, consider how long it took him to fire Jeremiah Wright.

Monday, June 16, 2008

McCain Invites Obama to Town Hall Debates

Barack Obama did a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing was that Obama told his audience that African-American men needed to be there for their children. Obama said that the black community was most beset by "MIA" fathers. Obama's language these days is liberally spiced with military terminology, in case you hadn't noticed. Obama said African-American fathers were "AWOL" at parenting. It can't be said enough. A huge number of the screwed-up black kids in the school systems were raised without the support or presence of daddy. When Bill Cosby said the same thing, the liberal media stomped him. Nonetheless, Obama said the right thing, and should say it again and again. Black children shouldn't be abandoned, neither emotionally or financially, and neither should any other children.

The bad thing Obama did over the weekend was to position himself as the victim of a GOP attack machine. Cut me a break. Obama plays the victim too frequently. That's very ironic for a man of privilege who received generous scholarships at Harvard. Obama wants to engage the GOP and John McCain in a Kubuki style puppet show. If he really wants public theatre, he should take McCain up on his offer of Town Hall debates with no restrictions. Maybe that's too "street" for Obama, who seems lame when working without a prepared script and a backstop of campaign advisors.

Obama engages in quite a bit of puffery as he seeks to enlarge himself beyond a limited experience. In his use of military language, I'm sure someone is sure to note that Obama himself was "AWOL" on the single foreign policy opportunity he had as chairman of a foreign policy European committee. During the year of Obama's chairmanship, he didn't convene one single meeting. He could have helped secure European support for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He did nothing.

Obama's latest bit of failed puffery is when he used the too common cliche of "bringing a gun to a knife fight" in reference to political competition. That's an infantile and inappropriate hyperbole, suitable for an 6th grade audience perhaps. Perhaps if Senator Obama was willing to "bring a gun to a knife fight" in Afghanistan or Iraq, the trope might have some sustenance. But Obama uses the hyperbolic reference to engage a particularly effete element in American politics, those who blow and don't show when the whip comes down and the bullet hits the bone.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bloomberg: Peak Oil is a Rumor? EconomyBloomberg News provides this informative article about Saudi oil production. It could have an impact on oil speculators, if true. The writer uses the word "may", as in the Saudis "may" implement a significant production increase. It's kind of interestining inasmuch as I participated in a long and tedious internet argument about whether the high oil prices stemmed morefrom the weak dollar and commodities speculation as from "peak oil." This article diminishes the "peak oil" argument a bit. It's worth reading...thanks, Mayor Bloomberg. Click on the headline and you'll get there.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Obama Supporter Touts His Many Accomplishments

Barack Obama: Gas Price Increases Are a Good Thing.

CNBC interviewed Barack Obama a couple of days ago and Obama’s response to the energy question shows how significantly out of touch he is with facts on the ground. He thinks that rising gasoline prices will be just the right punishment for the world’s reckless energy consumption. Uh, he does regret the impact on “American pocketbooks,” but “by encouraging the market to adapt to these new circumstances more quickly, particularly US automakers,” then America will develop a “stronger and…more efficient energy policy than we do right now.”

That’s a half-assed vote of confidence. Maybe those cigarettes he’s addicted to are cutting off the flow of blood to Obama’s brain. There was nothing in Obama’s statement that resembled leadership. He doesn’t define things, you know. He’s relying completely on the zeitgeist, the perceived appetite for change. Americans better realize quickly that change can also be for the worst, as they will certainly find out if Obama gets elected. WTF is Obama’s energy policy? Tax the oil companies. Do everything you can to create higher gas prices and energy scarcity so that we can all wear hair shirts and pedal sanctimoniously around on our bicycles. (I have 2 bicycles, BTW). That’s it? I guess it’s true, as McCain says, that Obama is running for Jimmy Carter’s second term.

I'm voting for McCain. I know we can't just drill our way out of energy dependence but I believe we need to do things now that will have a substantial impact five to ten years from now. I do support McCain's idea of dropping the federal gas tax throughout the summer. And I think we need to get electricity from nuclear and other fuel sources. And for heaven's sake, build at least one new refinery!

It's sad and pathetic that, in telling the truth, I will have to defend myself from attacks by people with an emotional and unrealistic and romantic view of the environment. I'm outside in nature just about every day--I don't see too many "environmentalists" out there. I think they're all stuck up at the high-toned restaurants of Big Sur. Manhattan has more “environmentalists” per square foot than any place on earth but they don’t go into the woods because they’re afraid of ticks and mosquitoes. They don’t have any connection to growing their own food and many of them send people out to shop for them.

We need to do everything we can to protect the environment, and we need to move into solar, wind, and alternative energy. But we don't need to wring our hands fretfully and throw ourselves at the mercy of the internationalist left-liberal world court which has already given us a "thumbs down." America didn't become America by lying down in the face of challenges...

Clint Eastwood: Vote for John McCain

John McCain 2008 - John McCain for PresidentGo Ahead--Make My Day: Clint Eastwood deserves a lot of credit for keeping his bearings in California, dividing his time between being mayor of Carmel and the movie industry. Eastwood is a very independent man, ridiculed in his early days, and predicted to fail. In his determination, Clint is lot like his characters, flinty, realistic, perspicacious, and understated.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

How I Accidentally Joined the Black Liberation Army

Somebody straighten me out on this. Somehow I got to join the Black Liberation Army. I suppose there may be other whiteboys in the group, but perhaps I am the only one. Let me explain. About a month ago, I started receiving these emails from something called the “Clarksdale Community Forum” which, I believe, is located in Clarksdale, Mississippi. They’re a group of African Americans who support Barack Obama and the first emails were attempts to get my vote. I shot back a rather sarcastic email about Obama’s Rezko connections and said I wouldn’t be voting for him any time soon.

One would think that would have got me off the list but I guess I wasn’t rude enough. I still get the emails, press releases, and other stuff intended to buck up Obama’s Mississippi supporters. They have emailed me to recommend I boycott Fox News and any of the sponsors advertising on the Fox Channels. They have sent video links to Marxist style revolutionary assemblies which appear to have been videotaped in the 60s, before Simon X killed Malcom X in New York. There are short clips of Malcom X, of Angela Davis, and a bunch of life-on-the-street clips which are very engaging, especially for those who remember the days when Watts was burning, and Newark, and a bunch of other cities. I also got to listen to some beats from the Last Poets, which were a combination of old-school rap and new-school “liberation.” They were pretty fresh insofar as nostalgia can be refreshing.

I have acquiesced to being in the Black Liberation Army because it gives me a feeling that I’m “on the march.” Of course, I have some identity conflict when I listen to the link to a Black Liberation Army radio station in which the chief topic of discussion is titled thus: “Is the White Man the Devil?” They should have asked me. I would have told them yeah, the white man is the devil, and so is the black man, and the “yellow man” and the “indian man” and all the other stereotypes they mention in the broadcast. It’s kind of fun, a little simple, and there’s almost a bonhomie to it as the guest and the host recite the litany of white devil offenses. We killed the Indians, we attacked the “yellow man”, we castrated the “black man”, we sent aids to Africa, we are now killing the Middle Easterners. There is little mention of black on black violence or Muslim on Muslim violence such as occurs in Darfur. The dialectic is strictly Marxist.

Know what? Call me a wimp, call me a bleeding heart, I got a little sympathy for these people and I got a little sympathy for the “devil” (the white devil) but the song is wrong. I know life is getting even tougher in some of the neighborhoods. But it’s tough for most everyone. Does anyone give a darn about the struggling “grits” who fix up old cars and grow cabbage in the backyard to supplement their jobs in the feed mill?

There’s nothing new about this reheated, failed Marxism. Obama needs to educate these people, and tell them why they’re wrong, how they’re hurting themselves and how they’re hurting America. Obama needs to tell them to put their energy into working to help themselves and their families, that the old Marxist style poltics is yesterday’s breakfast and always ends up with innocent people taking bullets in the head, mass graves, and mass starvation. But of course, he’ll take their votes and maintain radio silence. That’s Obama.

Okay, Black Liberation Army Member Moeursalen….


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cuban Political Prisoner Roberto Martin Perez

John McCain 2008 - John McCain for President A while back, I saw a short documentary interview with Roberto Martin Perez. It's a story that shouldn't be ignored and I'm glad McCain supports the Cubans who were annihilated, tortured, or ostracized by the Castro Marxists. Here's a quick bio of Robert Martin Perez:

In August of 1959, the Castro regime imprisoned 24 year old Roberto Martin Perez. He was held as a political prisoner for 28 years, including 18 years in solitary confinement. In prison, he was cruelly tortured and shot six times. He was knows as a "plantado" -- a political prisoner who resisted the Castro regime's "rehabilitation program" by refusing to wear the uniforms of common prisoners and spent 22 years in their underwear. Since his exile from Cuba in 1988, he has dedicated his life to fighting for the freedom of the Cuban people.

Obama Vote of Confidence: Ted Strickland

Ted Strickland told NPR's "All Things Considered" that he'd work hard for Barack Obama. "But oh, by the way, I have no time to be your vice-president. I'm too busy over here in Ohio."

I guess you're just supposed to take Strickland's remarks on the face of it (yes, David Axelrod says so) but WHAT IS THE BACKSTORY?

Who wouldn't just jump at the chance to be Obama's VP? Only a guy who thinks the ship might sink.

In Europe, Debate Over Islam and Virginity -

In Europe, Debate Over Islam and Virginity - NYTimes.comMadonna's "Like A Virgin." But must we emulate the French?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama's Johnson Caught In CountryWide Bank's Zipper

Seems that there's a guy in the Obama campaign named Jim Johnson. Johnson heads the team searching for a suitable VP to run alongside Obama. He's quite a big deal and snuggles up close to the phat money men like Angelo Mozilo who heads Countrywide Bank.

Countrywide bank made Obama see red during the Democratic primary campaign. Mark Penn, who worked for Hillary, had also represented Countrwide band. Oh, how Obama railed at Hillary Clinton for her "ties to Countrywide."

Countrywide, you see, made a lot of money from the subprime mortgage mess before it became a mess. Before that, it was just a lot of easy, fast flowing money at high rates of interest. Market rates, some would say.

But Jim Johnson--he was a friend of Angelo's ever since his days with Fanny Mae because Fanny Mae was one of Countrywides' best customers when it came to buying mortgage debt from Angelo. That's when Angelo returned the favor by giving Johnson favorable loan rates to the tune of $7 million dollars eventually. Uhhh, that was not at "market rate."

So the story got picked up by the Wall Street Journal, you know, that weird paper that actually understands the labyrinth of financial connections where politics and business converge in Obama's "new style of politics?"

Obama says the matter is "overblown," and would like it to blow over. Actually, there are many, many things which Obama and friends expect will blow over. Perhaps they would blow over, too, if only Obama werent' so damned hypcritical and prissy and solipsistic. All he'd have to do is act now to fire the guy. What the hell! Obama's a Harvard lawyer, isn't he? A professor and all. Surely, he doesn't need to get his Johnson caught in a zipper through a matter of a mere interpretation of economics, does he?

Monday, June 9, 2008's Vetter Gets Vetted::By Amanda Carpenter's Vetter Gets Vetted::By Amanda CarpenterHere's more "Change You Can Xerox" from Barack Obama. Apparently, the guy Obama chose to lead his team in search of a VP got little point deductions on millions he borrowed. More squeak than clean. More talk than walk from the Great Messiah, who just seems to have blurred vision when it comes to political favors from money movers and shakers.

Barack Obama Demonstrating How Not To Ride a Bike While Running for President

Who does he think he is, anyway?...John Kerry? Could he hike up his jeans any higher? Note the Isod polo shirt, the one with the little alligator emblem. Does Obama have one of those plastic pen-holders, too? And lose the helmet, dude! Rolling on the sidewalk at 3 mph won't result in a head injury, no matter what your mother said.

On the other hand, we should be grateful. He might have worn those John Kerry biking-windsurfer shorts and a yellow jersey with dots.

There must have been a great deal of discussion among Obama's handlers when planning for the little bike ride. Axelrod must have thought the getup made Obama look like an "ordinary Joe," instead of "Joe Schmuck." Then again, perhaps that was the image he was aiming for, especially after the perfunctory and desultory appearance at AIPAC. Obama has a dreamy bemused look--no doubt pondering once more the high prices they're getting for Arugula at upscale Whole Foods.

Now let's focus on the more important things: the gay shoes and the bike's tail. I suppose the bike has a tail, or perhaps it's a tailpipe, or maybe it's just a weird looking fender. A fender would prevent Obama getting dust on his Isod shirt. It doesn't look at all like a conventional bike fender, and it sure doesn't match the bike.

Now the bike itself, that's another story. Obama's not getting full leg extension there. So the bike doesn't fit him. Did he borrow it from Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann? It's a "boy's bike" so he can't claim it belongs to wife or daughters. A mystery, a complete mystery, a mystery wrapped inside an enigma and a conundrum or whatever T F the David Ferie character was blathering about in the JFK film.

It's all very bizarre. If PUMA (Party Unity, My Ass) gets a hold of this it will be better than the Quarter Note tape (if that exists.)

Oh God, we need him to save our country.

Party Unity, My Ass: New Democratic Faction of Hillary Clinton Supporters

Monday: PUMA Power « The ConfluenceClick on the headline and you'll get to the site wherein PUMA members explain who they are, why they are, and why they will not vote for Barack Obama. There's an interesting forum dialogue after the PUMA mission statement. They've got one thing right--the Clintons were bushwhacked by the lunatic fringe of the Party. If the stink of the Obama campaign and the superdelegate fiasco was bad enough to make even me become a Hillary supporter in the primaries, it must be pretty bad. Bad enough to make PUMA very, very angry. - My Tips for Barack Obama - Neil Cavuto | Your World - My Tips for Barack Obama - Neil Cavuto | Your World And have you been in a Whole Foods lately and checked out the high price they're getting for Arugula?

Democrats Seek Assault Knife Regulation

These chubby and fun-loving teens killed one girl's 77 year old grandparents. Democrats say we need better and more sensible knife-control regulations.

I’ve heard from a good source that Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Harry Reid are putting together some tough legislation banning knives in the aftermath of a recent wave of stabbing murders. The latest murders occurred in Japan as a knife-wielding man attacked 17 people, killing 7 of them. This comes almost simultaneously with another knife attack in Niles, California where 5 people were stabbed at a wedding reception. A knife was responsible for the slashing death in 2006 of a foreign exchange student from Britain. That knife attack occurred in Italy, which has so far resisted the challenges posed by the anti-knife lobby in the U.S.

Meanwhile, an investigation still continues into the deaths of three people stabbed to death in a Tenafly, NJ home in May of this year. A Korean man has been arrested in that case, but the murders by stabbing have exacerbated calls from knife-ban advocacy groups for increased regulation on the sale and manufacture of knives.

A New Jersey House member heads a committee to conduct preliminary findings on knife attacks. The committee is drafting legislation which would allow states to sue knife manufacturers and vendors who make profit on the heinous instruments of death. Manufacturers of kitchen knives have mounted an effort to stop such legislation. Though some kitchen knife manufacturers support a ban on hunting knives and martial-style knives, they feel that kitchen knives and other utensils should be exempt from legislation. Knife-ban supporters counter by pointing out a 2004 murder by two Georgia teens of one girl’s grandparents. The double murders of the two 77 year olds shocked the small town of Riverdale.

“The murder weapon in this case was a kitchen knife,” said a ban supporter.

Barbara Boxer of California issued a challenge to the pro-knife dissenters:

“Californians support the knife ban. How long can citizens wait and how many must die before these pointed instruments of death are banned?”
she asked passionately, as the C-span cameras rolled over a house full of empty seats.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Election Guide 2008 - Presidential Election - Politics - Electoral Map - The New York Times

Election Guide 2008 - Presidential Election - Politics - Electoral Map - The New York TimesPennsylvania went Democrat by paltry 2% in supporting Kerry in 2004. Considering that fringe Democrats have got control of the party and pushed common sense Hillary out, let's deliver the state's 21 electoral votes to McCain. That's better for all concerned, but most importantly, it's better for the country.

Top Democrats Get It Right the First Time

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton Exit Strategy

I voted for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party primary for three reasons:

1) She earned my respect and exceeded the expectations and image I'd had of her through the pro-Obama media filter. There were some other tough women candidates in the past, but Hillary was the only one who was tough enough, smart enough, and devoted to America enough. Sure, I had some issues with Hillary (and still do), but Hillary's sure an original and unique piece of work.

2) John McCain, the other candidate I hold in high regard, had the Republican nomination sewed up.

3) Barack Obama seemed to me so bad a candidate that I worry for America's allies, its people, its economy, its soldiers, and its future. I know some people want to make aversion to Obama a racial issue, but Obama (with his retinue) will be as bad for African-Americans as he will be for the rest of us.

Check out that John Edwards announced he has no interest in the VP position. Consider that Obama's minions do not want Hillary on the ticket also. Consider that I don't want Hillary on the ticket either.

I don't know "what Hillary wants" and it doesn't matter right now because I will certainly be voting for John MCain. Hillary's exit speech was dutiful. Except for the lines written by David Axelrod , which she read in a flat tone of voice, there were moments that uplifted. Certainly, there was a bit of triumph as Hillary addressed some of her issues. I've always been big on women's issues, too, in spite of a sometimes clumsy way of supporting those.

Everybody's in a fix except those of us who solve the problem by voting for McCain. I think there will be a lot of us. It it's true that a McCain presidency would last only four years, a McCain vote would put Hillary in position to run in just four years. I'm not even going to talk about an Obama second term--the country wouldn't last that long and there would be nightmarish upheaval. Obama and his fringe Democratic alliance, could do so much damage in four years that the Democratic brand would be permanently diminished.

Hillary did her duty by Democrats and they ought to appreciate the woman's delicate position. After all, she's now in the uncomfortable position of having to show props for "change you can xerox." But she did her duty, recited the lines, the slogans, the Axelrod campaign chants. I'm glad she gave her props to her husband who was also slimed by the press and some of the rabid Obamanites. The Obamanites don't like strong people with leadership capabilities. They don't appreciate Hillary. They don't like McCain.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Weak Dollar: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Are Bernanke's hands tied on inflation? - Jun. 6, 2008The short story here is that the dollar has shown mild strength in recent weeks after losing ground for over a year. The weak dollar favors exports, but makes imports more expensive. Oil's steep price climb is due to supply and demand panic and commodities speculation, but the weak dollar is a significant factor.

So Bernanke's trying to "jawbone" the dollar up. If you can talk it up, that's a whole lot better than strengthening it by raising interest rates. Raising interest rates right now would kneecap a struggling economy. So will raising taxes as Democrats, Inc. under Pelosi and Obama will do.

It's a screwed situation. The liberals are thrilled. The press plays politics and sits on its hands while Rome burns. Read all about it (except for the last part)by clicking on the link.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obama Quote On Rezko Guilty Verdict

"That was not the Tony Rezko" I knew."

Does the quote sound vaguely like the remarks Obama made when the press first woke up to Reverend Wright spreading racial hatred of whites in his church? That's exactly what Obama said about Wright. The media needs to wake up like right now.

The Rezko verdict: Guilty :: Change You can Believe in

The Rezko verdict: Guilty :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Tony Rezko

John McCain for President

I'm ecstatic that Barack Obama will reject Hillary as his Vice-president for fear that she would, in her experience and political savvy, eclipse his presidency and starkly contrast his weak style. Now Obama stands alone. Well, not exactly alone. The mainstream media is in the tank with him, and they were a big factor in Hillary's narrow loss.

So now, with the Jackass Party having it's best chance of victory in fifteen years, the Democrats will move over to McCain in droves. That's what I'm doing. There's absolutely no way I could vote for Obama, about whom very little is known, except that he is the most far-left senator in government.

I've always admired McCain. He's a unique guy. And let's not march in lockstep. Obama reads well but so does my kid, who is only slightly less knowledgeable than Obama of foreign policy. McCain's not a Winston Churchill or a MLK (but neither is Obama), but he's a better speaker than Obama because he can work without a script. Obama's afraid of a "town-hall faceoff" for precisely that reason. John McCain is very comfortable in any situation, has experience of war, struggle, self-sacrifice, government, flying jets, and not being afraid to tell the press they are "jerks".

Obama's into the game for his ego. McCain's doing what he was born to do, to lead. It's in his genes and it's his life. There's a line I appreciated very much from his speech of yesterday. I quote it loosely:

"I'm not running for president because I think I will save the country (like Obama). I'm running for president because my country saved me."

Obama can read his speech to AIPAC and tell how much he "loves America" and blah,blah,blah, but who really believes it?

I hope you will go to my Support McCain page to donate to the campaign. Obama's got all these billionaire World Government Internationalists like George Soros pouring money into his campaign from every direction. Their goal is to shrink and diminish the U.S and make it a subsidiary corporation of Submission United Cos.

Here's the link to

Why Hillary Clinton Won the VP Game

Hillary Clinton speaking to a large crowd of admirers in Pennsylvania...

I suppose Hillary Clinton would have taken the job as vice-president had Barack Obama been confident enough of himself to put her on the ticket without fear of being eclipsed. But I’m also sure that Hillary expected the Obamites would reject her offer. Both the candidates were in a fix, so to speak. Frozen in the headlights of “party unity.” Unity is a heady concept in the Jackass party, a holy grail to be fervently sought and desired, but never to be found. To Obamites, unity doesn’t mean supporting your country in time of war; it means getting your vote in November.

I don’t want Hillary to be Obama’s vice-president and I don’t think Hillary wanted the job anyway. There is a dualism in Hillary Clinton’s publicly announced interest in the ticket. Think about it. Could Hillary Clinton be petulant and say outright that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Obama campaign? That would be political suicide, especially so when the ongoing wrangle of a “dialogue” was about how spiteful and venal the Clinton campaign was in competing against Obama. Hillary and the Clintons were vilified; it was the old medieval incubus-succubus thing. The green-eyed evil and cunning female devil threatening to corrupt all the goodness and nobility offered by Messiah Obama. Consider the media reaction if Hillary Clinton outright spurned the holy grail of unity and said she didn’t want to have anything to do with Obama. Consider Hillary’s political future in the Democratic party. No, she had to humble herself and say she’d be willing to accept the number two position on the ticket, beneath a candidate who is, in most ways, an inferior. The second part of the dualism is that, were the party to pressure Obama into accepting Hillary on the ticket, Hillary would “make do” with the job. Frankly, Hillary Clinton would be a huge positive for the ticket, legitimizing it. Sure, the Republican Clinton-haters would rally against her. In a national campaign and within the current context, this would be one of the biggest draws of the ticket. But now all you get is Obama, little known, skin-deep, and full of holes.

Fact is, Hillary Clinton is one of the toughest competitors America has ever seen. The mainstream media won’t be able to shrink her back into a small box and ship her back to Arkansas (or Chattauqua). If she’s not as big as Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, or Jone of Arc, she’s at least as big as Evita Peron, Golda Meir, or Helen Thatcher.

She is sure to play a larger historical role now in America's political history.

Barack Obama Lost At Sea

Obama and his Vice-President were on a boat.

The boat sank in a big storm.

There was no lifeboat...

Who was saved?

Answer: America

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hillary Won’t Back Down: Loser Wins

Barack Obama’s victory speech was a failure, but only because Hillary Clinton managed to match Mark Antony’s speech after the murder of Caesar. “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him,” it begins. From there, Mark Antony turns the tables on the anti-Caesar mob in a speech as eloquent as any in human history until Hillary Clinton came along. Alright, I concede I’ve given way to a bit of hyperbole but isn’t this a year for hyperbole? Barack Obama claimed his grandfather rescued Jewish prisoners at Auschwitz with the Red Army. What could be more hyperbolic?

Anyway, the real impact of Hillary’s speech was felt today, not last night, and this is a clear case of “loser wins”. “What does Hillary want,” she toys with the cheering audience on her side and the dismayed audience on Obama’s side. All over TV Land today, the pundits are wringing their hands at the woman whose power was felt as strongly as that of Cleopatra. Instead of moving ahead with a program, Obama will have to now figure out how to squirm graciously out of the quandary Hillary has presented to his campaign. Dick Morris remarked on a Clinton vice-presidency as a “ménage-a-trois, with Bill Clinton lurking in the wings of the White House. Even without Bill, Hillary would be a presence in any administration. Having proven herself as a brilliant senator from New York, how could she repress herself when she knows so much more than Obama about nearly everything? Chris Matthews had a virtual fit on MSNBC this morning when he asked, face all akimbo, how Hillary could possibly “obey” a president Obama.

“Yes, that’s right….obey…because a vice-president must obey the president,” he said grimly.

An insurmountable problem. Obama needs Hillary far more than she needs him. Having expressed a willingness to “unite the party” by accepting the VP position, Hillary Clinton well positioned for a future presidential run. She has the high ground and a great deal of moral suasion. Obama and his people, on the other hand, have done too much to disparage the Clintons, and now face a Sophie’s choice. They either put Hillary on the ticket to eclipse Obama in order to gain the chance of actually winning the election. Or they reject Hillary Clinton and her ardent supporters and embark on a solipsistic and desperate path of political survival.

Obama Chapter and Verse

Barack Obama is a very complex individual. He reminds me of that old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where a Terminator removes and replaces his damaged electronic and faux parts as he moves along. Obama attacks NAFTA and then his aide contacts the Canadian embassy to reassure them about Obama’s public statements. It’s just politics, he implies. But the colossal lack of judgment shown by Obama’s dealings with the Wright affair is truly indicative of what an Obama presidency would be like.

In February of 2008, when the remarks had become public, Obama said Wright was "like an old uncle who sometimes will say things that I don't agree with." During the same week, Obama said: "I don't think my church is actually particularly controversial.” Wright wasn’t being criticized for his inflammatory racial remarks nor for calling Italians “garlic noses”, according Obama. The real reason Wright was criticized was that “"he was one of the leaders in calling for divestment from South Africa and some other issues like that." Get it? Reverend Wright is noble. Critics of Reverend Wright are reactionary capitalist pigs.

Statement from surrogate in Obama campaign said the senator “deeply disagrees” with Rev. Wright but “now that he is retired, that doesn’t detract from Sen. Obama’s affection for Wright or his appreciation for the good works he has done.” Loyalty, people!.... Where have you seen such loyalty?

Later in the news cycle, Obama absolved himself with this: “The statements that Rev. Wright made that are the cause of this controversy were not statements I personally heard him preach while I sat in the pews of Trinity or heard him utter in private conversation." I can’t hear you! Can you hear me?

Obama, the Harvard lawyer, continues his defense of Wright with: "In fairness to him, this was sort of a greatest hits. They basically culled five or six sermons out of 30 years of preaching." Who is ‘they’? And why the duplicity of “greatest hits?” Why can’t Obama make a simple, direct statement instead of dredging up some third-rate. courtroom antic? Get that one? The media got its cues from dark right-wing conspirators who somehow tricked and bedeviled Wright into making an ass out of himself. It’s an updated version of the “blue-eyed devil” theorem.

So then Obama goes to Philadelphia where he’s making a big pitch for votes in a state he would eventually lose badly. But it is a beginning. For the first time, Obama and his scriptwriters, having tested the winds and smelled something foul in the air, revise the script. Wright’s remarks now “denigrate both the greatness and the goodness of our nation." However, Obama feels it necessary to show loyalty to Wright’s Chicago allies: "I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother. . . ." Later, of course, he did disown his “white grandmother.” Obama fails to see that many African-Americans find Wright’s remarks repugnant and not reflective of their own feelings and beliefs. Obama’s “loyalty” is to the darkest side of Chicago politics, not to the best of African-American life and culture.

About ten days later, Wright is “retired” and Obama explains why he stayed in Wright’s church for 20 years: “Had he (Wright) not acknowledged that what he had said had deeply offended . . . then I wouldn't have felt comfortable staying there at the church.” What? Obama’s a time traveler, apparently. If, in the future, Wright had not regretted his remarks, then Obama wouldn’t have remained in Wright’s church in the past. Obama’s assertion that Wright “acknowledged” his offenses is a plain lie. Wright did the opposite in a later public appearance at the National Press Club.

Now the ball really gets rolling:

"Whatever relationship I had with Rev. Wright has changed, as a consequence of this. I don't think that he showed much concern for me. More importantly, I don't think he showed much concern for what we are trying to do in this campaign . . . ."
Eventually, Obama threw everyone under the proverbial bus and quit the church, once again exhibiting “change you can believe in.” But everyone knows by now that Obama flies by the seat of his pants, reverses himself routinely, is opportunistic and confused in his political and social opinions. I personally feel sympathy for his confusion, and attribute it to the bewildering series of experiences he was subjected to by his mother, as far from a conservative Kansas farm girl as one could be. I suppose I would have even greater sympathy for Obama if I didn’t feel that he and his peripatetic ideas were so dangerous for America.

And then there is the Obama reversal of the flag pin.

Obama told a radio station he didn’t wear a flag pin because those are “a substitute for…..true patriotism, which is speaking out on issues . . . ." "Senator Obama believes that being a patriot is about more than a symbol," said a campaign spokesperson. Yet, he shows up later in Pennsylvania wearing a flag pin. "I have never said that I don't wear flag pins or refuse to wear flag pins. This is the kind of manufactured issue that our politics has become obsessed with and, once again, distracts us . . . ." Well, duh! Then why distract us with the sudden appearance of a flag pin?

Isn’t there anything simple and direct about this guy? I would suggest he change his slogan from “change you can believe in” to “change you can retreat from.”

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama Bitch-Slapped by Hillary Clinton

On the night Barack Obama clinched the Democratic nomination, a defiant Hillary Clinton failed to swoon in a speech that left the Obama Channel in the lurch. Clinton won South Dakota by a large margin as she made her point that 18 million people stood for her to be president. Hillary Clinton had earlier let it be known that she would accept the second position on the ticket in order to accomplish the agenda she has supported for 16 years. Many television pundits appeared panic-stricken that Hillary did not tremble in the shadow of Obama. No shrinking violet, Hillary. She delivered a triumphant and graceful speech with the confidence of a true leader, and a true American warrior.

The Obama people now are in the uncomfortable position of needing Hillary far more than she needs them. The pressure is great to choose Hillary Clinton for the second slot on the ticket. People know that Obama is capable of oratory but incapable of judging and choosing wisely. The elitist charge still hangs about him like the vapors of an expensive perfume. The racist tirades of Obama associates Fleger and Wright have embarrassed Obama and angered the voting public.

Never before in America has the saying been as true as it is under these circumstances.

"Behind every succesful man is a woman."

The slap that obama felt may have stung him, but it was needed, and well deserved.

Bob Beckel Mentions Obama Bombshell Rumor on Fox News

Some Chicago Opinions About Rezko - Obama

The Rezko trial is capping off in Chicago. Remember, Rezko's the Obama friend who contributed thousands to his political campaigns and helped him buy a mansion. In the quid pro quo, politician Obama helped Rezko secure taypayer money to rehab homes in Chicago neighborhoods. Here's a sampling of commentary from the Chicago Tribune story published today:


GUILTY! Now go to prison the rest of your life and take Blago with you!
Chicago, IL Reply »

Obama sure knows how to pick his friends...and accept financial favors from this particular one, Rezko, in the purchase of Obama's mansion. In questions of judgement, Obama rates an F-minus.
Chicago, IL Reply »
and those are only the friends we know about.. just think of all the friends obama is trying to hide...
Darius wrote:
Obama sure knows how to pick his friends...and accept financial favors from this particular one, Rezko, in the purchase of Obama's mansion. In questions of judgement, Obama rates an F-minus.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL Reply »
When will Fitzgerald indict Obama?
Juror 8
United States Reply »
Did Obama pay enough to the jury to get Rezko off?
Juror 9

|Report Abuse |#7 10 hrs ago
Fitz is a friend of Obama, he won't go after him.
Tell the truth
United States Reply »

Rezko is looking for an Obama pardon. Clinton let his crooked friends off. Obama got over 200,000. Enough to get a pardon.

God help us. Obama will screw this country.
United States Reply »
|Report Abuse |#9 10 hrs ago
No problem with the story, but the guy was a co finance chairman and a chief fundraiser for Obama, also -- a detail that should have been in the story, imo.
Promises Promises
Naperville, IL Reply »

I hope that Blowjo is next.
Forest Park, IL Reply »

Guilty as charged. Now on to Blagojevich, and Obama.
Jim Lad
Victoria, Canada Reply »

Just as soon as Obama gets the nod, you'll get your verdict.
I think these clowns honestly believe that the law cannot go after a presidential candidate.
I'm sure the files are just waiting to be signed and dated then Hillary can get back down to election business.
John J Coughlin
Chicago, IL Reply »

Obama is not now and never has been a leader in Illinois politics. He is nothing but a stooge. If this case is rigged it is not through any of his efforts.
Hinsdale, IL Reply »

Thank God this could soon be over. Who really cares about this story anyway?
I Smell Billary
AOL Reply »

Wishfull thinking is not a way to run a presidential campaign. If wishing he was involved in a corruption case, that's crazy !

I wonder if the state is investigating the millions in taxpayer moneys Rezko received for Chicago housing "rehabilitation", some of which was used to smooth political difficulties and pay back political favors.

Rezko verdict could be near -- Regulatory Policy and Organizations, Tony Rezko --

Rezko verdict could be near -- Regulatory Policy and Organizations, Tony Rezko --

Chris Matthews Entertains PA Run Against Arlen Specter in 2010

Chris Matthews’ contract runs out in summer of 2009 and there is repeated mention of his running against PA Republican Senator Arlen Specter in 2010. Matthews has told colleagues wants to take a break and his tv audience needs one too. Matthew’s left-field fringe buddy Keith Olbermann shore up MSNBC’s all-day soap opera and gossip column which, according to Obama Channel policies, falls into the category of news and political opinion.

I think Matthews will find out that the real world is a lot less fawning than the left-fringe sycophants on MSNBC. Motormouth Matthews, as he is known in Pennsylvania, is like one of those Pennsylvania turkeys who inflates his feathers to attract a mate in spring and then scurries away when other Toms are attracted into the fight. There is the YouTube clip from the 2004 convention when Matthews just about dumped in his drawers as Southern Democrat Zell Miller challenged him to a duel. Of course, there are economies of scale presented to any prospective Matthews’ opponent. Matthews’ many YouTube appearance clips are, frankly, embarrassing to Matthews. Matthews’ gets a “slap-down” by a Clinton supporter on one, another “slap-down” by Mike Gravel, and the list goes on ad infinitum. I think a Matthews’ run for Arlen Specter’s seat would be the reality show entertainment America needs. The Matthews’ hot-pants videotape where he blurts out that he gets a warm and runny feeling down his leg when he hears Obama speak will be sure to attract Pennsylvania voters.

Matthews’s antics are unbridled and he seems not to have a sense of propriety. While Obama refuses to sue Mattthews’ for sexual harassment, there was the slight possibility that Erin Burnett of the CNBC Business Channel would. Matthews is the penultimate creep as he tortures Burnett with his infantile fantasies.