Monday, March 24, 2008

Republican Mischief Vote Favors Hillary?

Methinks thou dost protest too much. Such was one of Shakespeare’s best-known lines. The line seems to apply very well to the latest primary election myth, namely, that Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” is responsible for a spate of Republicans registering as Democrats in both open and closed primaries. While many people (including Rush Limbaugh) would like to believe it is so, the thinking is flawed and greatly exaggerates the influence of zealot pundits over the mass of Republicans.

There is another reason, a more important one, whether one likes to hear it or not. Many centrist Republicans, who are Republicans by a mix of ideology and pragmatism, are deathly afraid of an Obama presidency. I am of that ilk, and I am “guilty” of switching my registration to “D” precisely because of that fear.

It would be well if my own could be characterized as an anti-Obama “racist” vote but I voted for African-American candidates like Lynn Swann for governor of Pennsylvania and others, too. I will vote for African-American candidates again, as well. (I’m a big fan of Democrat Stephanie Jones-Tubbs, for example) But I won’t vote for Obama, no way in hell, not if I were waterboarded.

Not only is Obama inexperienced, he is also vague and has no choice but to accept the program foisted upon him by the Latte Elite Northeastern Liberal Establishment. Obama would be a great president for predominantly white liberal New England Yuppies and Buppies in Birkenstocks--driving Volvos and Saabs--or for the Middle East where he is much admired

An Obama foreign policy is either complete surrender in Iraq or a complete canard, hopefully the latter. Obama would forfeit Israel bit by bit for a litany of empty promises.

An Obama economic policy is merely a dressed up and sudden tax increase which will throttle a bounce-back cycle. Tax increases will hit the blue-collar factory workers with $15.00 per hour jobs, tech workers, and the middle-middle-class.

I would even be encouraged if an Obama domestic program could truly help the struggling white, Hispanic, and African-American youth of the inner-city and the blue-collar suburbs. But I don’t think it would. Obama will raise expectations, fan ethnic resentments, and dust off old slogans.

I could go on, but I won’t. You get my point. I’m afraid of an Obama presidency. I decided to change my registration long before Rush Limbaugh suggested it. In any case, Rush Limbaugh supported Obama when Hillary was the front-runner, as many Republicans know. My own reasons for supporting Hillary Clinton are that I believe she will be a reasonable liberal who will move to the center on foreign policy. If I were Hillary, I would do so now that everyone has figured out that Obama will also take the advice of his retired Air Force General McPeek and take a good long time before retreating from Iraq.

I am so afraid of an Obama presidency, in fact, that I would gladly embrace a more liberal but well-thought out domestic agenda to prevent it. But that’s only if I can’t have McCain and my much-desired “Hundred Year War.”

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