Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rasmussen Tracking Polls Shows Hillary & Obama Even

What is this thing about Obama being photographed standing up in the aisles of airplanes? Weren't there enough seats? I suppose it does look presidential so long as you turn down the sound on what he says, which more than ever, sounds confused.

The latest national Rasmussen tracking poll indicates Hillary picked up seven percentage points against Barack Obama. No doubt, this is due to the cognitive-dissonance of the Obama campaign. Obama's statement denying that he had ever heard a negative word from Wright in the 20 years he'd been a member of his church is preposterous and he knows it. Obama damage control units must have been desperate to put him on the dreaded Fox News to drum the message that he is the "candidate of unity."

Can't blame Obama for trying the political equivalent of Three-Card Monte in hitting three networks to trumpet his weak assertions. The most alarming thing about Obama is that he is a candidate who values expediency over character, as evidenced by his eagerness to take support from any and all quarters of society.

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