Sunday, March 16, 2008

Progressives Won't Defend Obama: Open Left

Obama’s on thin ice with “Progressive” Democrats and Independents who find it hard to defend a candidate who “is not part of any progressive fights…” Self-described “left” blogger Matt Stoller feels that Obama should have been at least mentioning liberal pet issues like the telecoms and their case against being sued for helping the government root out terrorist communications.

Stoller says that Obama advertises himself as “non-partisan” (actually he uses the word “post-partisan”—isn’t that cute?) and so progressive-left partisans cannot defend Obama’s associations with Reverend Wright, Obama’s spiritual advisor.

Specious reasoning, and I’m being generous in saying so. Did it ever occur to Stoller that people may not want to defend Obama because they find Wright’s diatribes against “white” culture repugnant?

Nonetheless, I am very much bucked up to find that, even on a blog called “Open Left”, there are people concerned for the well-being of the United States. Here’s just one of the many striking anti-Obama comments from Open Left:

“All along, I have not bought into Obama's campaign because his talk of post-partisanship is disingenuous at best and dangerously naive at worst, not to mention insulting to anyone who was paying attention to the RW shitstorm unleashed on the Clintons in the 90s. Eventually, either in the GE or as President, Obama would run into the real world of American politics, and I do not believe he can handle it. And the country is in too disastrous a shape to have 4 years of paralyzed government. “

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