Thursday, March 27, 2008

Obama's Econony Speech: Soporific and Sloppy

Obama made an extraordinarily long and boring speech about “the economy” without mentioning a single thing that couldn’t been heard every single morning on Fox Financial News Network, Bloomberg Financial News (the NY Mayor’s broadcast network), or CNBC Financial.

Like Obama, many ordinary people don’t try to understand the economy so Obama read and recited from the teleprompter. People seemed to enjoy Obama's fine reading skills so there was polite applause. News reporters had to “paraphrase” the dull, prosaic program (by using written program notes) and eventually cut the speech off to go on to more interesting news. Ratings began to roll downhill as Obama droned on so MSNBC quickly shifting back to the more interesting Reverend Wright problem.

If Obama wants to demonstrate he knows anything about the economy, he should appear with Kudlow or Quintanilla, Becky Quick or Erin Burnett,. Mark Haynes, or any of the rather brilliant analysts who deal, speak and analyze the economy. But that will never happen. His handlers couldn't allow it.

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