Monday, March 10, 2008

Obama Supporters Paying for Praise of Their Candidate?

Since I've been blogging , my cyber travels take me everywhere as they do with everyone else. I get emails from the three remaining campaigns and I check out candidate web sites as much a time permits. I'm a little puzzled by an email I recently received but I've received several from the same source. I have no indication that the email comes from the Obama campaign. It purports to come from a "grass roots" organization but doesn't name itself. I thought it's odd that a "grass roots" organization would be soliciting people write nice things in praise of Barak Obama. The email comes through another portal so I can't respond directly back to the source. Here's the email in its entirety:

You have a new public request:
Title: Barack Obama
Description: Grassroot Organizations in CT and PA Women for Obama People of Faith for Obama Seniors for Obama
Price: $20-30
Article amount: 3
Content length: 200
Subjects: Barack Obama

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