Thursday, March 27, 2008

Obama Slips Away In Pennsylvania

Obama's slipping away as people begin to realize how thin his candidacy is. (Hint: it's about as thin as his resume) Don't believe the media wave he's riding. There's a crack in the porcelain and it will enlarge in Pennsylvania.

Personally, I'm sure I'd get along okay with the guy (although he seems too noble and aloof to talk to anyone who won't advance his career). However, it angers me that Obama and his slime squad are trying to put one over on the voters. This is America. Why is Obama trying to get Hillary to quit? If Hillary believes she's truly the best, she's got to stay in the center of the ring and fight. This argument of "party unity" is weak. You can be the down dog in any fight and come back to win.

Obama's connection to political religionist Jeremiah Wright is dragging him down, even while the media pollster cite statistics to the contrary. Obama spends a lot of time scolding Wright for his "unfortunate remarks" but, in clinging to Wright, he has shown the weakness of character which would be disastrous in a president of the United States. Wright is a bigot, pure and simple. Is he wearing some invisible Teflon shield which prevents Obama from identifying him as such?

Breaking news is that Wright has inflamed anti-Israel sentiment in his "Pastor Pages" newsletter. Wright supports the destruction of the state of Israel. Obama needs to clarify his views on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Wright apparently doesn't like Italians either. He called the crucifixion of Jesus an "Italian style lynching" and made other remarks of a similar kind in a magazine run by his daughter.

Yeah, I know, he didn't really mean it. Deep down, he's a good man. Obama hears no evil, sees no evil, speaks no evil.

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