Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama Sets Record In Pennsylvania

Photo by David Kidwell of the Pocono Record (poconorecord.com)of Stroudsburg, PA.

Obama's Pennsylvania talk with the Scranton Society of Irish Women was one for the record books! A local television station, WNEP-TV recorded Obama's "speech" as the shortest ever made. Don't drink Guiness, call Guiness! Obama's speech in Pennylvania lasted a total of 8 minutes and 4 seconds.

Aside from his “hello-goodbye” nano-speech to Pennsylvania, Obama made time for a prolonged MTV television taping which was closed to the public. Such is the "new" politics. As Obama’s problems mount in Chicago with the Rezko trial and the incendiary racial and anti-American statements of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the Obama campaign more and more retreats to a bunker mentality which discourages close scrutiny.

The MSM is partly to blame for enabling “Fortress Obama.” Reverend Wright’s rhetorical bombastics were noted in Chicago newspapers but ignored by a fatuous national press. Wright delivered similar racial pyrotechnics during the past Christmas season but these, too, were ignored. How did it take a year or more for this to come out in the MSM?

I doubt we will find out much today when Obama addresses the issue on television. Candidate Obama has shown he has great talent and experience in at least one important area of governance. Obama is an excellent filibusterer. Peripatetic and quick to grasp the inanition of circular reasoning, Obama is likely to rely on the vocal tonalities and repetitive cadences which characterize the exhortations of the political pulpit.

Think of Obama as a pale shadow or weak imitation of the great Martin Luther King who, upon hearing the damnations of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, turns in his grave. As the Reverend Martin Luther King, hero to all Americans, advanced the cause of freedom and equality, so might the Reverend Wrights of the world turn back the clock on enlightenment and respect for every man.

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