Monday, March 3, 2008

Obama - Rezko: Judgment You Can Xerox?

Quick Facts and Formulations about the Rezko - Obama connection:

Is this a case of "judgment you can Xerox?"

Tony Rezko is a defendant in at least a dozen lawsuits. His trial begins this week in Chicago on charges of corruption and fraud.

Rezko helped friend and Senator Barack Obama to buy his Chicago dream house. At the time Obama entered into the real estate agreement with Rezko, Obama knew Rezko was being investigated for corruption and fraud.

The Rezkos bought the empty lot next door and sold part of it to Obama for $300,000 less than it was worth.

Rezko has been an Obama contributor and supporter for many years.

Obama says that the real estate deal with the Rezkos was "a mistake."

A New York Times story wonders aloud why (Rezko) "would plunge into a real estate investment whose biggest beneficiary appears to have been Mr. Obama" at a time when he was being pursued by creditors for $10 million" of fraudulently obtained money.

Was Obama's "mistake" a situation in which greed overcame the "good judgment" he vaunts on the campaign trail? In the Chicago world of quid pro quo, this land deal raises a lot of questions about Obama and it is high time that the media entered "Fortress Obama" to get the answerws. The Obama campaign has been closed, secretive, and not very welcoming to reporters who would like to contact Obama people with direct knowledge of the Obama Rezko connection.

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