Monday, March 3, 2008

Obama - Rezko: Two Phat Cribs and a Rags to Riches Fairy Tale

Obama, Rezko, and One Phat Crib pave the way to this American rags to riches story of politics and corruption.

You've got to be really stupid to fail to recognize that Obama's Phat Discount of $300,000 on a Chicago house he bought amounts to a payback if not an outright bribe. The Seller of Obama's house dropped the price $300,000 to cut the Obamas a break. Rezko made up the difference by paying full price on the adjacent lot, later selling half of it for less than market value to the Obamas for a second "Vig".

Obama's a lawyer and his response to questions is typical:

"I don't recall exactly"

"I am not clear"

"I may have mentioned to him the name of a [developer] and he may at that point have contacted that person."

It's not wonder the Obama campaign people are trying to stampede the Clinton campaign in the hope of getting Hillary out of the race before the truth comes out about his "integrity." Obama has to do better than strike a noble profile pose and sniff the air for the political winds, all the while muttering amnesiac lawyerly vagaries to his questioners.

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