Saturday, March 8, 2008

Obama Leads In Wyoming Primary Caucuses

I’m trying find something interesting to say about the Wyoming Caucuses which Barak Obama is expected to win because of a better ground organization and 8 paid staff members assigned to get him the 12 delegate votes there. Some people are too shy to shout their opinions at caucuses, others too old to stand for long periods of time. Obama’s supporters are young people brought in by the efficient Obama-get-out-the-vote organizations.

Wyoming is a largely Republican state and liberal Democrats typically don’t spend much time there but now it is crucial for both candidates. It won’t be until April 22 until Hillary wins a large share of the big PA primary with its 158 delegates. Yes, that’s right, a prediction.
Obama’s camp is distracted by the firing/resignation of Samantha Power, a foreign policy advisor who called Hillary Clinton a “monster.” Off the record. That’s going to be a problem for Obama, the gap between public statements and private agenda.

The backfired Canada back-door NAFTA activities still rankle and Samantha Power said yesterday that Obama wouldn’t be able to pull troops out of Iraq in 2009 as he claims. Samantha Power said in a BBC interview that, Obama could not possibly withdraw from Iraq sooner than 16 months and hinted that it would probably be far longer. It seems that reality is beginning to set in.
Moreover, the beguiled and fawning press has learned that it can indeed write stories about Rezko or Farrakhan or whatever it pleases without its fingers melting and dripping down the page.

It’s the credibility problem still developing in the Obama camp which is beginning to work in favor of Hillary Clinton. Obama and his people are sounding very much like Republicans in pressuring Clinton for an early release of her tax records. The deal there is that Bill Clinton works for a sovereign fund managing company called Yucaipa and has a client in the Middle East. The lofty Obama camp doesn’t mind trips to Libya with Louis Farrakhan but it becomes very jingoistic and peculiarly sensitive when it comes to the spouses of presidential candidates.

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