Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama Dissin' Pennsylvania Heartland? Hillary Lovefest Rages

The Barack Obama campaign has once again reversed itself and no longer makes the claim that it can win anywhere if only it had enough time. The campaign has enough time in Pennsylvania, about six weeks, and yet the once hot candidate has virtually by passed the state. Obama continues with his policy of pressing a small-state strategy, but his support is showing signs of stress on radio talk show programs, even among African-Americans who see some difference between a glib, smooth-talking Harvard lawyer and a woman who actually seems to like Pennsylvania.

So the Hillary Clinton Love fest continues in Pennsylvania, with an appearance today at the annual Scranton Saint Patrick’s day parade. Hillary’s popular in the state of Pennsylvania and has the deep kind of support that can’t be knocked loose with slogans.

From the scarcity of ads, it looks like the Illinois senator is hanging onto his money. Among the few Obama “ads” to appear in Pennsylvania are video clips of the Reverend Wright excoriating and flogging “White America” and presidential candidates who don’t know what it is to be called the N-word. A particularly hateful Wright diatribe is the one where he tells his 8,000 member congregation that Bill Clinton was doing to “us” the same thing he did to a young female congressional aide.

Barack Obama didn’t hear any of that kind of riff in twenty years, of course. That’s what he says anyway, with his usual cheerful smile and sonorous voice.

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