Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Obama: Canada NAFTA Ploy Might Be Language Problem

Should U.S. English be declared the National Language of Canada? Perhaps.

More NAFTA hypocrisy from the Obama camp as an Obama chief Mr. Obama's chief economic adviser, University of Chicago professor Austan Goolsbee approached Canadian officials for a little back-door diplomacy. Mr. Goolsbee seems to have given Canadian officials an ambiguous and reassuring message about Barak’s “real opinion” about NAFTA. Ambiguity is now commonplace in the Obama camp, but this is embarrassing to our Canadian allies in Afghanistan.

Tragically, the early response from Obama was to say that there was no contact with the Canadian embassy. Later on, Obama was forced to admit that his chief economic advisor did indeed have contact with Canadian politicians about Obama’s anti-NAFTA speeches.

Oh, well…I guess I should be gracious and chalk it up to the language barriers which exist between the two countries. The Canadian version of English is far different than the English used in Obama speeches, and even more different from the English used among regular Americans.

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