Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No Super Delegates in Next Campaign Cycle

If the superdelegate strategy fails to destroy the Democratic Party, perhaps the “secret weapon" will. Afoot in the back alleys of the Byzantine labyrinth known as Democratic Party electoral politics is a move to draft Al Gore for president. Will Democrats seized by the Obama “rapture” be able to resist a guy who invented the internet, grabbed a Nobel, and single handedly killed global warming? After all, he is the right and legitimate heir to a Democratic presidency. Isn’t that how the reasoning goes? If you need to know why Al Gore would outstrip Barack and Hillary, go to the Rolling Stones story. Aren’t you inspired?

Anyway, the super delegate cabal won’t be in existence for the next big campaign. A top government official (my brain) told me that Democrats have finally recognized the "super-delegate" debacle as a fatal error. The framers of the constitution of the U.S. clearly stated they didn’t want congress to elect the presidential nominee. It took Democrats this many years to find out why. They should have asked an eighth grader. At the same time, the 8th grader might tell them why Michigan and Florida need to vote.

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