Friday, March 7, 2008

Monster Hillary: Obama Advisor Samantha Powers Uses Latte Powers

Obama foreign policy advisor Symantha Powers probably thought she was doing her candidate a favor in calling Hillary Clinton a "monster" in a year when far left and far right proselytes seem capable of hitting nothing but their own feet. Anne Coulter led the way by vowing to vote for Hillary if John McCain became the GOP candidate, and then Rush Limbaugh, Shaun Hannity, and Glenn Beck charged into the chasm.

Now Obama's Harvard buddy, Samantha Powers, has jumped forward into the spotlight. That's what happens when the latte professoriate begins to aggrandize themselves in the utter belief that America's thought processes would be frozen without their effete commentaries and campus-style petite-drama shenanigans.

Samantha is convinced that Obama is being elected President of the World, instead of president of the U.S. . Powers no doubt thinks of herself as one of the World's Essential Ambassadors and Courtiers (I almost said "courtesans"...wash my mouth out with soap!). Here's a little curriculum vitae (abbreviated) and an video depicting what an Obama presidency of the world would be like as Obama follows her advice:

Powers is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School. She moved to the United States from Ireland at the age of nine. She spent 2005 to 2006 working in the office of Senator Barack Obama and has now returned to haunt the spotlight, creating more distractions for Obama as her remarks complete their trajectory in a three-day news cycle. Check Out the video with blazing Charlie Rose.

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