Monday, March 31, 2008

Jeff Skilling, Ken Lay, and Enron Re-visited

Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling received a sentence of 24 years four months due to his conviction in a stock fraud scandal. Mr. Skilling has his case in the fifth circuit court of appeals where there is some chance that his sentence may be reversed on technicalities. One of the ironies, and a possible source of great joy to Skilling, is the free-fall trajectory of Government Elliot Spitzer who zealously prosecuted the case while NY attorney general. Skilling's case rests on new documents and notes of one Andrew Fastow, who testified against Skilling and his boss Ken Lay. Ken Lay already had his conviction vacated; he died from a heart attack as the result of what some say was a vindictive prosecution. I wrote something about that for another website. It might be interesting reading. A little click on the title of this piece will take you there.

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