Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hillary's 700,000 Popular Vote Deficit Erased In PA

The headline might be wishful but it's likely that Obama's popular vote totals will take a big hit in the Pennyslvania contest. The Clinton magic is strong in Pennsylvania. In a visit yesterday to Stroudsburg, PA, giant crowds stood waiting for Bill Clinton's appearance in a drenching rainstorm. Many were turned away to a school auditorium where they had to watch the Clinton talk on closed circuit television. Others simply left and went home to dry off, disappointed looks on their faces.

Pennsylvania's not the only thing the Obama campaign is worried about. Clearly, the Obama campaign is afraid of re-votes in Michigan and Florida. Obama's urgency to get rid of Clinton led to the suggestion that Party politics was taking precedence over an electoral democracy. Hilllary's wins in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island has the Obama campaign running scared to Indiana, snubbing Pennsylvania, where a big win for Hillary is assured.

Another certainty is that the Obama camp has no longer been able to disguise the low road it has taken in slamming Hillary Clinton as the "Democrat from Punjab." The Reverend Wright and Rezko late eruptions forced Obama to address these issues. When he must think on his feet, the man who is often acclaimed by the MSM for "oratory" seems increasingly at a loss for words.

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