Monday, March 10, 2008

Hillary Rejects Support From Anti-Semitic Film Producer

Hillary Clinton took the high road in declining campaign contributions from an American of Turkish descent who financed an anti-American and Anti-Jewish Rambo-style propaganda film called Valley of the Wolves: Iraq.

Clinton senior adviser Ann Lewis said the campaign recently learned that Mehmet Celebi, a political fundraiser, had co-produced the movie.

The plot line of the film could have been taken from Zarqawi’s daily diary. American soldiers in Iraq have no greater objective than to humiliate eleven Turkish troops who entered Northern Iraq in pursuit of Kurds. The Americans suspect them of being Al Qaeda since it is common for terrorists to obtain the uniforms of friendly forces. The “humiliation” consists of blindfolding the prisoners while they are moved, standard security practice in prisoner transit.

While the blindfolding incident stems from a real event, for which Donald Rumsfeld apologized to the Turkish government, the rest of the movie vilifies Americans, Israelis, and American Jews to a hyperbolic and phantasmagorical degree.

Americans are depicted spitefully shooting into innocent civilian populations, attacking wedding parties and children alike. If shooting children in the head with malice aforethought is not enough to make you hate yourself for being American, you can hate yourself more thoroughly for being Jewish. Actor Gary Busey plays a maniacal Jewish doctor who removes the vital organs from Abu Gharaib prisoners to be sold at high prices to rich Jews around the world. Ah, bloodsucking Jews!...the primary reason for the war in Iraq. I knew it!

Lest you think that the Islamo-fascists have no mercy for the infidel, there is a cut-and-paste scene in which an anti-American Arab sheikh saves a foreign journalist from having his head cut off. Allah be praised! Is it only journalists who don’t deserve to have their heads cut off?

It’s not a big secret that Muslim extremists in the Middle East would have everyone believe that the problems in the Middle East stem from a postage-stamp sized country of about six million people. Congratulations to the Clinton campaign for reacting quickly when they learned of Celebi’s support for an anti-Semitic and anti-American propaganda film. Now if only the Obama camp would reject its own support from anti-Semitic Farrakhan followers and make clear its support for Israel, the first democracy of the Middle East…

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