Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hillary Clinton: I voted. You Talked.

Quote of the Day comes from Hillary Clinton in a speech yesterday when she referred to her experience:

“John McCain has many years of experience, I have many years of experience, and Barak Obama has a speech he made in 2002.”

Nice jab, Hillary! Did you get that from Kelly Pavlik? The reason I thought it was important is that it was informational, at least for me. Obama tries desperately to portray himself as “above the fray” and different from “politicians and lobbyists” although he is one and uses the other.

Call me stupid, or at least a rank amateur (stupid will do), because I was one of those people who actually believed that Barak Obama voted in Congress against the Iraq war. I didn’t know that his much vaunted anti-Iraq speech was made at the first big anti-war rally in Chicago! Within that context, Obama didn’t miss the opportunity to appeal to a wide audience in the interest of political advance. Surely, I don’t question the fact that Obama opposes the war but I very much object to the deception in perpetuating a now entrenched political myth.

Talk is cheap, Barak…. Votes are different, and most of your colleagues voted for the war along with Hillary. Where you might put your money where your mouth is would be if you convened your Foreign Relations Europe subcommittee which never called a meeting in the year you were appointed to it.

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