Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Geraldine Ferraro Was Partly Right...

Geraldine's choice of remarks was deprecating and offensive since Obama is not without talent were he issued in any shade. But the part about the country being "caught up in the concept" is partly true. How much obsequious media fawning will we have to endure? And how much should we beat our breasts in guilt as Reverend Wright derides Hillary Clinton because she's Caucasian? (See Comments in Wall Street Journal 03/10 or 03/09 front page). And did anyone catch Obama's "okey-doakey" remarks to his African American audience in Miss.? His was a racially tinged remark recalling the cruelties of the plantation system but did that have anything to do with Hillary? Just because Hillary asked him to consider VP? Oh, sure.... Obama sneered at the VP position and felt the "wronged" victim because he can win small states with 90 percent of the African American vote.

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