Thursday, March 27, 2008

Corzine Stops Short of Endorsing Hillary

NJ Governor John Corzine appeared with the Morning Joe this morning and stopped just short of endorsing Hillary. He might as well have. In spite of making the obligatory nod to Obama (a "nice guy"), Corzine said that "Senator Clinton is far more qualified to be president. Corzine said it was a huge mistake to be sticking a finger in the eye of voters of Florida (by not permitting a vote.)”

Corzine said the race should be focused on "pluralities." That means voters shouldn't be focused on the game of three-card monte being played by Obama's supporters who use every kind of mathematical computation known to mankind to get Hillary Clinton to kneel and surrender. Obama doesn’t have enough delegates, that's a fact.

Corzine appropriately used the handy football metaphor of the local New York Giants win over the Kennedy-Kerry New England Patriots to underscore the strength of a Hillary Clinton who would "score on the final drive." Translation: Hillary has widespread and growing popular support as her knowledge of issues shows through. Corzine points to Hillary's sucess in the big states, so vital to winning against a Republican with growing popularity among centrist and conservative Democrats.

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