Thursday, March 13, 2008

Barack Obama Blasts Rush Limbaugh Vote

Rush Limbaugh gets his props from Barack's campaign staff who, in trying to stem Hillary Clinton rise, blamed Hillary's successes on "Rush Limbaugh's full-throated endorsement..."

Now this alarms me in several ways.

1) The Obama and David Axelrod have been listening to Rush Limbaugh.

2) The Obama/Axelrod campaign doesn't listen well and doesn't understand that Rush Limbaugh has far more often supported Obama because it regards Hillary Clinton as the real threat to a Democratic victory in November.

3) The Obama campaign feels that a Limbaugh endorsement is the political equivalent of a Louis Farrakhan endorsement.

This was in reaction to Clinton campaigners pointing out the following facts which are indisputable: "In Mississippi, he won only 25% of Republicans and barely half of independents. In Ohio, he won only 48% of men, 41% of women and 42% of Democrats. In Texas, he won only 49% of independents and 46% of Democrats. And in Rhode Island, Obama won just 33% of women and 37% of Democrats."

The fact is that Obama is incapable of winning the big states. Moreover, Obama's platform continues to fall apart on the foreign policy level. His much vaunted opposition to Iraq war was contradicted by Samantha Power, his Harvard educated foreign policy advisor, who said it would be 16 months before Obama could begin to withdraw troops.

For more on big state victories, soon to be followed by a popular victory in Pennyslvania, check out

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