Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3 U.S Congressmen Bought & Paid For by Saddam Hussein

Wolf Blitzer and CNN are today reporting on a Saddam Hussein financed trip for three anti-Iraq war congressmen who took issue with the United Nations sanctions imposed on Saddam under pressure from the U.S. and other countries. This news was revealed in an indictment of an Iraqi-American, Muthanna Al-Hanooti, who received 200 million barrels of oil from Saddam in payment for his services.

Even worse, the indictment shows the ultimate naivete and gullibility of some Democratics when it comes to foreign policy. Though the lawmakers are not named in the criminal indictment, the congressmen are believed to be Jim McDermott of Washington, David Bonior of Michigan, and Mike Thompson of California, all Democrats.

The congressmen say that they were unaware their travel was financed by Saddam Hussein but apparently the sponsorship of the trip was something that never crossed their minds. In their eagerness to upstage foreign policy and promote themselves as saviors of mankind, the congressmen embarked on a fine junket as pro-Saddam ambassadors.

Where have we seen similar gullibility in the current primary race? Certainly not in the Obama campaign—Air Force General McPeak vouches for Obama’s patriotism , though Obama’s promised to extend open arms to all of America’s enemies. It must be disgusting for the people who have made the ultimate sacrifices for America to include such spineless amoeba as these among the Americans they have sacrificed so much to protect.

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