Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Top Terrorist Imad Mughniyeh: Life Cancelled

Buh-bye, Mughniyeh! The insane Islamic Terrorist known as “the Fox” could no longer escape the Wolves who were seeking to end his monstrous life. His useless and maniacal life as a serial murderer evaporated in car bomb assassination in Damascus, Syria. The list of Mughniyeh’s atrocities is long and, while he specialized in mass murder, I remember him best for the cold-blooded murder of a U.S. Navy diver, Robert Dean Stethem, who was singled out from among the other passengers to be shot, killed, and dumped on the tarmac.

Investigations will continue as Mughniyeh’s vapors fall to earth. What we know of him is enough to rally around the cause of defeating Islamic Terror Inc. but there is no doubt the murderer was planning or had planned other murders of innocent people.

Don’t underestimate or ignore this one because you were too young to remember. Mughniyeh was a big “get”, as big and as murderous as OBL. We don’t know what angels visited with the Terrorist murderer that day, but they were good angels, and they didn’t forget.

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