Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Telecom Rules May Not Protect Terrorist Communications

Democrats interested in providing better cover for terrorists suffered a defeat in the Senate today.

A bill that granted legal immunity to telephone companies involved in government surveillance passed, leaving Senator Dodd and other opposition party leaders to carry on the fight in the House.

Hillary Clinton didn’t vote but said she opposed the eavesdropping bill. Senator Obama voted his opposition to the bill. Senator McCain supported the new rules which removed some of the civil liabilities for telecom operators who feel that Al Qaeda terrorists are bad for business, bad for the U.S. and bad for the general public health.

Litigious left wing Democrats Obama and Clinton, with the support of Ultra-right wing-nut reactionaries Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Anne Coulter, will fight to stop implementation of the bill. Clinton and Obama (and Dodd) feel that U.S. citizens, who route phone calls received from Al Qaeda relatives to Al Qaeda terrorists located around the world, should not be eavesdropped because not ALL of their conversations sound like terror planning. Some liberals worry that private, intimate, romantic details of the type one hears from people shouting into their cell phones in malls and supermarkets, might end up being used as filmscript scenarios during the Writer’s Strike.

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