Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter Lose California

To the chagrin of Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter, John McCain busted out a California victory as well as winning eastern states like NY and NJ. Apparently, Coulter is still desperate for media attention and continues to support Hillary Clinton. California has only one kind of Republican and that’s the Orange County Reagan type, so McCain’s victory there shows that McCain can pull the support he deserves from conservatives.

Dick Armey was on CNBC this a.m. and chuckled when someone mentioned the James Dobson remarks about McCain’s “hot temper.” That’s old news, and it’s a revived smear tidbit from the first time McCain ran. It’s a cheap shot, b.s, the usual smear. Like when the media tagged Bob Dole as “dark.” Now could you see the media describing Barak Obama as “dark”?

Armey said he worked with McCain in Congress for many years and never saw any pettiness from the Arizona Senator. I really don’t get Reverend Dobson’s remarks, anyway. Has he never heard a sharp word? Is he cavorting with angels and saints? No doubt. You’ve got to envy the Bubble Boys and Ivory Tower Princess who can afford to live so protected from life’s vicissitudes. Will the Gates of Heaven decline to admit millions of people in the neighborhoods, the barrios, and the boardrooms where real life goes on in a less perfect but not evil way?

McCain’s a red blooded American. Gee, do you suppose McCain never heard a curse in U.S. Navy? Or in a prison camp? Was he supposed to have tea and make polite banter with his North Vietnamese captors? Get real. If America needed a syrupy, honey-toned, aristocratic voice, it would have elected John Kerry.

Let’s face it, Mr. Rogers was a great guy but he could never have won the presidency. He would have gone down for the count with the first body shot. That will never happen with McCain—he’s more the Jake LaMotta type—takes a beating and keeps on tickin’. Can you imagine him getting out the handkerchief for a good cry on the campaign trail like Hillary Clinton 2 x?

I think it was okay for Hillary to cry—but just once—it scares me that she cried 2 X already and who knows how much more water works are on the way? Maybe McCain, gentleman that he is, will offer to take Hillary to the next boxing match he attends. Last one I know he attended was the Floyd Mayweather – Oscar DeLaHoya fight; McCain was there with his wife Cindy. I’m sorry—I gotta’ like a president who likes boxing. I’ve had it up to here with the Exclusive Big 3 Sports Club.

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