Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney Will Drop Out of GOP Race Today Feb 7

Super Tuesday was significant for Republican candidates and, with so much of his own money spent on his campaign and little to show for it, it will be no surprise when Mitt Romney drops from the race today. Romney's a team player and he can read the writing on the wall. Romney's appeal was strong for most Republicans and, of the reasons his campaign didnt' catch fire, the strongest was that he could not beat the Democratic Attack Machine which would charactrize him as a White Caucasian Corporate Male. Romney's a great leader, more than the sum of his media image, and it's unfortunate that image politics can play so great a part in modern elections.

John Mccain, however, is the right man to benefit from Romney's decision. His brand of real politiks and his service records stand in the face of insinuation and image manipulation.

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