Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rezko Trial May Snarl Obama Campaign

Antoin Rezko, once a top Obama fund-raiser, is set for trial on March 3. The Wall Street Journal did a story about Rezko's trial last week and noted that Obama wasn't involved. The article said that "Mr. Rezko is under indictment for extortion, and prosecutors will try to prove he used connections with state politicians and appointees to orchestrate kickback schemes."

Antoin Rezko, a real-estate developer a key player in Illinois politics, has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Though Obama campaign spokespeople say that Obama is "not involved in the matters at issue in the trial," things are bound to get messy as the trial will recall the Obama's ties to a man Hillary Clinton labeled a "slum landlord" in one of the primary debates.

Rezko gave tens of thousands of dollars to Obama's state and national campaigns. Obama has given back some of that money in January of 2007, not to Mr. Rezko, but to charities.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Obama "bought his Chicago home in 2005 on the same day that Mr. Rezko's wife, Rita, bought an adjacent lot from the same sellers, part of which Sen. Obama later purchased. The deal came a year before Mr. Rezko's indictment but after it was known he was facing federal scrutiny."

Barak Obama admits to the "appearance of impropriety" in buying his house and splitting the lots adjacent to it with Rezco's wife. Gee, I hope he can clean up those dirty Washington lobbyists! Just so long as he lets the ones in Chicago alone.


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