Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama: A Home You Can Clone

Tim Russert was doing color commentary prior to the Tuesday debate with Obama. One of the things everyone's finally noticed is how all the questions put to Obama were dumbed down so that the liberal media could coo at the response. Maybe there will be more chills running down Keith Olberman's leg this time. Russert disputed the notion the press was intentionally bouncing puffballs to Obama. As proof, Russert dared to mention Rezko, the "slum lord" close friend and campaign contributor to Obama who is set to go on trial soon for bribery and extortion. Olberman quickly glossed over the mention, a clear "no-no" in MSNBC Land, but Obama's questionable relationship could be brought up tonight if the fix isnt' in again.

The commentators quickly turned on Hillary, quick to point out that Hillary's "change you can xerox" line "didn't work out." Maybe it didn't work out in their country but it worked out in my country. I heard a kid in the library repeating the line today in jest. Another person at the gym last week referred to Obama's "Home You can Clone" referring to Rezko's conjuring of a house he gifted to Obama (in return for smiles?) when Rezko and wife bought the house next door.

It's all good. I'm glad the Obama's have a nice crib but Barak shouldn't play the goody two shoes change warrior, an unctuous posture he assumes when he has nothing to say. Which is often. Hmmmm.... a home you can clone.... change you can xerox...

That's not funny? Yo, maybe it's not.

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