Friday, February 15, 2008

Northern Illinois School Shooting: Solutions Not Slogans

U.S. colleges and other educational institutions are going to have to get serious about security. Instead of mouthing the usual bromides about the need for more stringent gun control, people should be aware of the need for better gun control. Yes, I know, the sentence doesn’t look right but the redundancy is intended.

Gun control should mean arming and training school security guards like real cops, especially at colleges around the country. The argument that this is unaffordable at universities and colleges is completely ridiculous considering the amount of money parents pay for their children’s education and the amount of funding that schools receive. If Harvard University can offer free education to poor students, then it can offer free education to law enforcement officers if it does not want to hire them outright. College which do not have the resources to hire a team of law enforcement officers might consider adopting a program similar to the federal air marshal program where armed trained air marshal style personnel carry concealed weapons among the student body.

At least half the problem in school shootings is how easy it is do open up on an innocent population captive behind ivy-covered walls. The thought one could get clipped before committing mass mayhem doesn’t occur to the perpetrators of these horrible acts.

The other half of the problem is the generally young people who commit these acts. People must recognize that there is something drastically wrong with such people as Dylan Kleebold and others of the same ilk. The numbers of such people are not insignicant. Whatever the reasons for it, the fact is that there are large numbers of unbalanced youths in our society. Instead of focusing on facile interpretations of the “my mommy neglected me” type, society must address the fact that whatever is wrong with America’s youth may go back act least two generations.

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