Thursday, February 21, 2008

New York Times Reporters Detect Morality Lapse:Salem Revisited

Meanwhile, the looniest and most pathetic story to come out of the campaign comes from the New York Times. The story says that McCain’s staff 8 years ago were “convinced the relationship (between McCain and a lobbyist named Vicki Iseman) had become romantic.” Whoo-hoo! Does this mean that the old man's got it goin' on after all? Did McCain have a (gasp) flirtation? Could McCain have stood morality on its head by checking out (and possibly enjoying, God forbid) that woman's person? Did he have the "lust in my heart" of which Jimmy Carter spoke in a long ago Playboy interview? Ah, it will take an entire series of NYT articles to get to the bottom of this!

Of course, this effete, small, and feckless part of the story was the "kicker", the red flag which was supposed to call attention to an 8-year old story that everyone has read already. Imagine the wrenching paroxysms of despair those New York Times reports must have experienced as they wrestled with the depths of depravity in the Greatest Morality Play of Modern Times.

Much of the story is pure editorial, vegetarian at best, although the piece does then present McCain’s historical path in some detail, with the usual evident anti-McCain bias. In a piece so obviously political, it would have been prudent to mention Barak Obama’s flip-flop on public campaign funding (see this website: Barak Obama: Hope But Verify at

I suppose the New York Times will next be investigating Obama’s alleged connections to Larry Sinclair, a buzz piece which last week inflamed the You Tube crowd.

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