Friday, February 29, 2008

John McCain Faces Citizenship Challenge

A Man of Questionable Citizenship Runs for President.

Expect Barak Obama’s sub-strata litigation minded dirty tricks squad to bring up John McCain’s constitutional qualifications to be president. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, the child of a navy officer on assignment. The constitution of the U.S. describes one of the qualifications of the presidency as the necessity of being born and residing on U.S. soil. McCain wasn’t, according to the New York Times article.

Democratic professional stonewallers like Patrick Leahy are already trying to sue the Telecoms for helping the U.S. government to protect civilians from mass murder. The Obama campaign team is filled with lawyers, as is the entire Congress, and one expects little more than double-talk, duplicity, re-statement, vagaries, peripatetic wanderings, obfuscations, and outright lies told large in a sycophantic Obama liberal media. Is there not a single issue in America so insignificant that Democrats cannot stage a Normandy style invasion of attorneys? McCain will certainly be challenged on his citizenship. The purpose, of course, will not be to win but merely to throw up a distraction, the preferred method and approach that many Democrats have to America’s problems.

You got to love Lindsay Graham’s comment on the Times story:

“We need to tell every military family that your kid can’t be president if they take an overseas assignment,” he said.

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