Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Not the Real Bitch in 2008

Hillary Clinton: Stronger, better, brighter, but still behind...

One of the craziest things I’ve seen lately in the drive-by (thank you, Rush) media is the all too frequent appearance of Newsweek Magazine’s Jonathan Alter. The unabashedly liberal senior writer seems to be falling all over himself to let his moms see him on TV. Or something. He was on Chris (chill-running-down-my-leg) Matthew’s show and he was on with CNN’s Dobbs and he was with “friend” Dan Abrams and who knows where else.

Jonathan Alter must be really clever because he invariably launched his rehearsed schtick with the exact same words. And no, he didn’t get them from Patrick Deval. The Jonathan Alter Pony Show begins with an a heh-heh-heh where he tries to get you to believe that he (as a journalist) would benefit from a brokered convention and therefore be in conflict with his own interests in urging Hillary Clinton to leave the race. Yes, Jonathan, we bow to your high-mindedness and applaud your anti-American sentiments in pressuring Hillary to drop out of the race before Texas and Ohio and Pennsylvania and…

Alter first reared his head to say this over a week ago and the weird thing is that he keeps on making TV appearances. Is he that hungry for attention? Has he hired on with Obama? Does he vacation in Hyannis Port? Does he get free ketchup for life?

Newsweek Magazine, liberal or not, has in interest in credible reporting. Sometimes that requires restraint, or at least the ability to make a distinction between what one thinks and looking like Obama’s bitch. Wasn’t Hillary supposed to be the real bitch? Apparently, she’s been upstaged by Newsweek writer Jonathan Alter.

I’m voting for McCain, but the degree to which the Clintons have been abandoned by the Dem Party political bosses who were, just a short time ago, sucking up to them, makes me very contemptuous.

I’m voting for McCain but I hate it that Hillary really got so royally screwed by Democratic Party Hackdom and its New Big Idea. I understand that Hillary alienates men, as she sometimes alienated me with those schoolmarmish hand signals, but she’s clearly the more capable candidate on the Democratic Party side. That would be important to me should McCain lose. Besides, it would be unseemly and unmanly for me to fault Hillary for the same qualities and traits that I admire in McCain: conviction in her own worth, belief in her own ability to lead, and a tenacity and willingness to fight.

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