Monday, February 11, 2008

Democrats Heading for Super Delegate Train Wreck

Super delegates in the Democratic Party are a small hand-picked group of organization (party hacks?) people who can override the popular vote in primary elections. It's a bad system and it's headed for a train wreck. When the Democratic party establishment tries to nudge Obama out of the way, the ensuing mess might resemble the Chicago convention of 1968. The "remedy" for this idiocy of "super-delegates" will be for Hillary's people to push for the counting of Florida and Michigan regular delegates which were precluded from participation by the DNC.
It’s beyond belief how this “super-delegate” business could withstand a constitutional test. It must be because routinely litigious Democrats are willing to supplicate whenever the magic words “Republican Party” are uttered. That’s what worries me the most about many Democrats, especially the ones leading the party. They’ll tolerate all kinds of thought suppression so long as the pressure comes from DNC headquarters.

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