Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chelsea Clinton Kickin' It with the Super Ds

Yeah, it’s kind of whacked that MSNBC reporter David Schuster got suspended for making a stupid reference to Chelsea Clinton being “pimped out” on the campaign trail. That’s what happens when essentially lame reporters try to act cool and use street slang that seems not fit with corporate television. Fitty (sp) or Marshall Mathers could have said it and no one would have blinked but Schuster’s got no street in him. He’s more like the Bright King of Nerdland and should have stayed on topic. I don’t much care for the guy but I will say he doesn’t need to be fired. Schuster does make a good point in mentioning that Chelsea is making all these calls to Super-delegates yet reporters are not allowed to approach her with questions. The Clinton campaign shills are also acting bizarre in stage managing the indignant protests against the reporter. It’s like an elephant stepping on an egg.

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