Thursday, February 21, 2008

Barak to Ahmadinejad: Chill the Anti-Semitic Rhetoric

Now that's not the way it happened but it should be. Right now is a good time for Baraka Obama to make good on his proffered “hope” of bringing rogue nations into line by talking with their leaders. Iranian President Ahmadinejad yesterday once again unleashed a torrent of rabid Nazi rhetoric against Israel in calling the Jewish state "a dirty microbe," "a wild animal" and "the West's scarecrow".

Ahmadinejad latest scripted bugout is because he thinks Israel had something to do with the assassination death of Number One Terrorist and Ahmadinejad butt-buddy Imad Mugniyah. It is possible that Syrian factions (and they are to be praised for this) lent a helping hand in bringing Murdering Mugniyah to justice. Of course, Mugniyah had a close relationship with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and especially with their Uber-Nazi contingent, the al-Quds force, which has been blacklisted by the US as a terror organization.

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