Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Barak Obama: Hope but Verify.

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. In the early days of the Obama campaign, he was all over the other candidates for getting financial support from special interest groups. Not Obama though, Obama was going to go it clean by tapping into public campaign financing. It was Barak Obama’s solemn promise—take no lobbyist money. That false high-mindedness lasted as long as Obama was the underfunded underdog in the primaries. Now that he’s out in front and his campaign coffers are overflowing, Obama wants to keep the rivers of money flowing. Last words from the Obama campaign are that he’s changed his mind about public finance moneys.

McCain’s stuck to his word on campaign financing and expects Obama to do the same. McCain came under considerable heat from Uber-Rightists like Anne Coulter for his support of campaign finance reform, you remember? Campaign finance reform limitations was something that the Uber-Rightists regarded as an impingement on “free speech.”

Draw your own conclusions, but Barak Obama stands with Rush Limbaugh on this uber-rightist campaign financing issue. Maybe he’s hoping (no pun intended) that Anne Coulter will shift her endorsements from Hillary Clinton to Barak Obama now that Hillary’s campaign is stretched to the breaking point.

A Hillary comeback is still possible, no matter how the pundits spin it. And McCain has only begun to maneuver his forces into position. Like Julius Caesar of old, Barak Obama should remember: Pride comes before the fall.

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