Friday, February 22, 2008

Barak Obama: Change You Can Xerox

Another guy who should lose the crucified Jesus hand signals is Barak Obama. Hillary seems to have taken my previous campaign advice :) and limited her own hand jive to the necessary.

I watched a little of the debate last night and I think the mainstream spin media is being a little dull in not appreciating Hillary Clinton’s zinger to Obama. That was a good jab and it had some substance behind it. Obama said his copied use of a Patrick Deval speech was “given to me” so why shouldn’t he use it. Using it wasn’t the issue and the protocols of integrity would demand Obama identify its use. “As my friend Patrick Deval says,” Obama should have paraphrased….. A lack of originality is the problem here, especially when a candidate launches a campaign based on stereotypical populist oratory. It’s what Texans call “All hat and no cowboy.” when a candidate so often mentions “change” and “new” and compares “new” to “old” and is not referring to soapsuds, you’ve got to wonder what the hell he’s talking about. That’s not real change, noted the nimble Hillary, that’s “change you can Xerox.” And serve it up again and again.

The slavering changelings of the mass media (Jefferey Toobin, the classic example) and quislings like Donna Brasile are squirming to resist Hillary’s line, but it was a good shot. If it hadn’t happened in the only liberal oasis in Texas (Austin ) and if the audience hadn’t been packed with University of Austin college students, people would have been like me: ROFLMAO. I think the media wusses should have checked the Texas roadhouses for reaction to the Hillary jibe.

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