Thursday, January 17, 2008

New York Times Describes McCain Smear Campaign

The New York Times is showing signs of character in publishing a story of a smear campaign being conducted against Senator McCain in his presidential bid. Not only does the New York Times tell the story, but it also shows the history of past attacks against a man who is stands head and shoulders above the crowd of Lilliputians in the race for the presidency.

One of the attacks was traced to the Huckabee camp and was, of course, disowned by the Arkansas governor and his “holy” supporters. It shows a cartoon of McCain as a POW with campaign slogans on the prison walls. Other slime assaults simply lie about McCain’s record on a variety of issues, and include automated telephone messages. Another mentions McCain’s adopted child and says the kid was McCain’s illegitimate love child.

Not part of the same story and yet part of the same story are the backhanded attacks on Obama, who mentioned in his book that he fooled with cocaine as a youth. How desperate and sickening

I once heard a Southern girl describe a certain person and his unscrupulous behavior as being “lower than a snake’s belly.” You had to hear it in the vernacular and with a strong Southern accent to truly appreciate the full contempt in which she held that person.

It seems fitting to remember that as the primary campaign moves to South Carolina.

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