Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McCain Wins and Scarborough Simmers: The Media Critic

Scarborough was virtually dripping venom at the John McCain win. He jumped on McCain’s victory with the subtlety of a 20 ton elephant at a British Tea Party. Pauvre Mika….so embarrassed and rightly so… Apparently the MSNBC Morning Joe crew still gropes in the dark for a focus. Instead of letting the more intelligent Mika take the lead, Scarborough huffs and puffs like a demented pontiff. His petty resentment and venom against McCain leaps out uncontrollably in every utterance.

“Well, wait until the voters find out who McCain really is,” he thunders.

Or blunders. Apparently the voters did find out who McCain really is and voted for him in large numbers. One of the great things about our era is that people understand they don’t need their politic or intellectual views molded by Ann Coulter or

Fortunately, MSNBC brought in some real reporters for last night’s coverage of the Florida primary: Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, and Russell. Unfortunately, Keith Olbermann was the “anchor” and “moderated” between the real reporters. With Brokaw and the others, at least, there was some intelligent and informed commentary. The only reason a person ever watches the pundits in the first place is in the hope that you’ll learn more than you know already.

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