Thursday, January 3, 2008

Love and Hate on MSNBC

Give The Morning Joe credit for luring me away from Fox News a.m. I can hardly stand the rest of the MSNBC programming day and that goes well into the evening. I sometimes spin the channels to Chris Motormouth Matthews just to get reinforcement for what not to think. I can take Keith Obermann, former sportscaster, for about three seconds on a good day. His combined un-funny choice of material and Big Loser-Little Loser Boredom Segment is aimed at the parasitic tranche of American voters who never committed the unforgivable sin of acting out of anything but self-interest.

The crew managed by Joe Scarborough is balanced. By that I mean that Joe is a Republican and all the other crew members are Democrats. As a general formula: 1R = 4D unless the 1R = RP (Ron Paul) or CH (Chuck Hagel). Anyway, it is my considered opinion that The Morning Joe is doing a fairly effective job in its 2008 primary reporting.

Mika Brezinski is a liberal, a fairly honest one. She acknowledged this a.m. that her father, a former Carter advisor, is working for Barak Obama. Her brother, she says, is working for McCain. I feel her pain. David Shuster seems to have joined the “team.” I hope that’s not permanent. He’s not bashful about bashing any Republican and cheerleading for any Democrat with particular devotion to Billary Clinton, formerly known as Hillary Clinton. Shuster’s bias is just too much, his schtick too corny, his smug solipsism too ugly.

Joe Scarborough said one-half a smart thing about the current primary campaign, comparing it to his own experience in the 1990s. Back then, says Scarborough, the 1994 elections were a refutation of the sixties. He said the current campaign is more about the future but clearly, with Billary Clinton as the leading Democrat, you’d have to say this one is about the sixties, too.

Okay, so this is weird, but my favorite candidate on the Democratic side is Barak Obama. I don’t agree with Obama about most things, especially the war, but he has been an honest and consistent candidate. Obama’s done his time in the trenches, I respect that. Obama’s wife, Michelle, is a real asset to the campaign. I’d vote for her in a hot minute except for her opposition to the war. That’s why I wouldn’t vote for Obama—it’s a Democratic disease—foreign policy consists of much palaver and little reality. Foreign policy for the democratic candidates seems to be: sue them, subpoena them, and soothe them.

It’s as if they’re campaigning for chairmanship of the U.N. If Obama wins or has a strong showing in Iowa, the entrenched Democratic political machine will have a giant task in undermining Barak while “making nice” with him. Terry McAuliffe’s Billary Worshippers will play upon the reservations of cultural bigots in the Democratic Party, of which there are legion.

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