Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Joe Scarborough Disses New Hampshire Winner John McCain

The Morning Joe program on MSNBC was once more intensely fascinating if only for the speed in which its “reporters” can change direction. Sucked up by preliminary projections and polls, Joe Scarborough led the cheering section for Billary Clinton’s three point “comeback” in New Hampshire and did his best to suck the air out of the much wider margin John McCain victory. There was a bit of role reversal in Scarborough’s testy exchange with David Shuster this a.m. and Scarborough had to pull rank (he clumsily called it “hitting the ejection seat”) on Shuster who sharply disagreed with Scarborough’s interpretation of the results. The only "ejection seat" Scarborough ever hit would be in the bathroom. Shuster was right in saying the pundits and the pollsters “screwed up” in their assessment of the Clinton win. Scarborough heaped obsequious and fawning praise on Clinton for what everyone knew to begin with.

• Clinton has strong support among women who think breaking the “glass ceiling” is more important than other issues facing the country.

• The Clintons live everywhere in the U.S. That means short supply lines which can be managed with the same degree of efficiency with which General Petraeus delivers firepower and humanitarian aid according to where and when it is needed.

Scarborough was un-American in dumping his rancor on McCain’s victory talk. No doubt there is some long ago political slight aggravating Scarborough’s old bedsores. What other reason could there be for decrying the American service achievements of John McCain? Deeply cynical and disillusioned ideologues like Scarborough can only diminish their own meager records of public service by such petty malingering.

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