Monday, January 21, 2008

Is Hillary Clinton Sweating? Or is it just the glow before the Coronation?

Did you fail to notice just how much everyone’s fretting about the presidential primary race? Even so, I think Billary has a lock on it; the establishment forces have been lined up on her side for a long time. But the primary campaign’s not the shoo-in scenario that she expected. The woman finds she must work for the votes she gets and she has to be more than a little worried about the African-American vote. Billary’s showing in Nevada may be an indication of how much sway she holds over the Hispanic voting population in most states. While Los Cubanos may vote differently in Florida, and have been conservative in their thinking, the tensions between Hispanic and African-American voters are significant cause for the Democrats to worry about November.

Actually, all ethnic conflict is patently stupid. So how is it that two ostensibly bright people like Barak and Billary could be embroiled in the swamp of ethnic politics? It’s not the 30s any more, nor the 50s, nor even the 60s (though Billary would like to think it is). The specter of a racial divide in the Democratic Party is both ugly and unproductive, so how did it happen? And where shall we look to find fault?

The fault lies in the hubris of the Democratic Party elite who believed that the “coalition” of “diverse interests” could survive a reality check. It wasn’t long ago that Barak Obama’s candidacy was regarded with an avuncular patronization. Isn’t it a wonderful story and a wonderful country where a young African-American man from nowhere could announce his candidacy for the presidency of the U.S.? But a new day dawned after Iowa, and the shadows fell across the plantations of the rich liberals who hunger more for a return to power than to free itself of a hypocrisy and bias frequently projected outward. But the Billary Democrat battle cry of “Experience” makes a hollow sound when it sings across the canyons of the inner city where feminism is not just a bon mot and women have been as strong as men since time immemorial. The experience of which Billary speaks is that of a lurker in the computer forum of life in the Bill Clinton Whitehouse. Why should not Barak Obama, with his far less insulated experience of American life, be as qualified in experience as a woman who grew up in a protected environment, petted and encouraged by leftist patricians for her precocious ideals?

Bigwig Democrats like Teddy Kennedy have already reproached the former president for his deprecations of an Obama “fairlyland.” There was trouble, too, in Nevada when Bill whipped up on the Culinary Unions set to vote in the casinos. The stage was set for protests and claims of foul play with the election commission. But Harry Reid’s state came through for the liberal establishment in spite of Obama’s walking way with more delegates.

Meanwhile, Messrs. Hannity, Limbaugh, and Madame Tussaud Anne Coulter are waxing for Mitt Romney. I don’t mind Romney, I kind of like the guy, but they’re arrogant too if they think that he can beat Billary and the Racketeering Mob which part of the Democratic Party has become. And I really hate the way the peddle that “True Republican” crap around as if you need a tattoo dedicating your ass to mindless ideology instead of real leadership. But hey, let me end on a happy note: Plain John McCain Broke Them Down in South Carolina. Of course everybody’s pissed off, the left, right, and center of both major parties. Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough declared a National Day of Mourning. The thought of a truly free and independent Republican man is just too much for lots of people to take.

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