Saturday, January 19, 2008

Huffington Post Puffing with Tom Andrews

You already know there's a blog called the HUFFINGTON POST. An article appeared recently indicatingthat former congressman Tom Andrews missed out on the part of his 8th grade composition class where you learn to support your arguments. His article in the Huffington Post is called "Contrary to the Headlines: There Will Be No Retreat from the Anti-War Movement on Iraq."

Tom Andrews disputes the notion that the anti-war coalitions are easing up on their anti-Iraq war campaign. Andrews bucks up the troops with a litany of generally old news. He laments the high cost of the war while some Americans are “facing a declining pay check, runaway gas prices and the increasing possibility of a pink slip”. Andrews describes a massive erosion of support for the war, which you're supposed to believe because the newspapers he reads say so, and points to unnamed Republican Senate and House members who have “decided to end their political careers voluntarily…” before they can be voted out of office. Warning: capital letters are used for emphasis. Another warning: Anyone who must use capital letters to add strength to his/her argument is sending a subliminal appeal for an intervention. It's soooooo yesterday's breakfast.

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