Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gang of Four: Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and Coulter

Rush Limbaugh’s an original, without a doubt, and those people who are always pounding on him and trying to get him off the air are idiots. Once a lone wolf crying in the wilderness, Limbaugh has emerged into the light with wealth, power, and influence beyond reckoning. As much as he is funny, biting, and satirical, Rush is sometimes wrong. Nonetheless he has his true disciples, some of whom are talented like Shawn Hannity and Glenn Beck, and some of them mere followers like Anne Coulter. Whether Limbaugh and his apostles are talented or not, it is important to remember that no one’s right all of the time, and sometimes “too right” can also be “too wrong.” “Too wrong” means expecting others to walk in lockstep with a set criteria of beliefs handed to you from talented media gamers and entertainers. This seems to be case when one considers the vehemence with which the Gang of Four is attempting to undermine John McCain’s surge in the primaries.

It may be that Rush has had his day and, where once he led, now he is content to follow and to get his marching orders from True Conservative Headquarters. It’s been reported that, should McCain become the GOP nominee, Tom DeLay and some others won’t support him. If that’s true, I can only interpret that as weakness, and a lack of interest in America. Nonetheless, the True Conservatives (a group which includes Ron Paul, incidentally) have each in their turn over the last few days discouraged any support for McCain.

It’s ironic that the Gang of Four should cite “principle” as the reasons for campaigning against McCain and Huckabee. Perhaps Limbaugh believes that the word principle is a synonym for ideology. Or maybe McCain is confused, failing to understand that personal principles are mere window dressing and must be sacrificed to the Great Conservative In The Sky. Under this scenario, the war is not important, nor the men and women who died in it, and it is believed that a GOP adherence to ideological “rightness” is ordained by God, and that the path the Heaven of Ideological Rightness runs right up Rush Limbaugh’s asshole.

I wonder who it is that the Gang of Four favors. Should Giuliani not perish in Florida, will he be next on the Gang of Four agenda?
But why, with Romney’s moderate agenda as Massachusetts governor, would Romney be the choice for the Gang of Four?

No doubt Limbaugh wants to precipitate an “inspiring” (yawn) and redundant ideological debate in the GOP, a tactic sure to hurt America when the results are that Obama, Edwards, or Clinton becomes president.

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