Thursday, January 31, 2008

Down with the Dial O Meter

The Morning News shows have found a new toy with which they can bedazzle the benumbed assholes who believe in this crap: the DIAL METER. We’ve always believed that pundits like Joe Scarborough didn’t want to think and now they have additional support for their handicaps. Instead of thinking, they can now comment by machine. The “dial meter” is that diagram of lines flowing across the screen. It is created by a group of people who sit and watch political debates with a dial in front of them. When they hear something they like, they turn up the dial. If they hear something they really, really like, they turn up the dial while shouting “Yippee!” If they are ecstatic, scream like Howard Dean, grab their crotches, and hump the dial of the machine. Very unseemly.

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