Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Absentee Ballots in Florida and Absentee Candidate Giuliani

Florida, the “hanging chad” state has liberal absentee ballot rules and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the voting system gave rise to protests and cries of voter fraud. Extensive absentee ballots have already been received in large numbers so someone has the lead.

In some Florida counties, absentee voting has soared as voters try to avoid lines and delay at the polls. Other voters are complaining of confusion caused by the manner in which the absentee voter packages are returned. Confusing instructions, some say. But voting officials are saying that things are running smoothly.

Meanwhile, absentee presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani has reportedly been seen in Florida where his fate hangs in the balance. Just about everyone feels Rudy made a big mistake in not making the early primary rounds. Apparently, he’d never heard about adult voter ADD.

Uber-conservatives and failed politicians like Bay and Pat Buchanan join Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter in attacks upon John McCain. What is it about decency that these people don’t like? Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows but that’s what people have to remember. There’s politics and then there’s the real world. I think McCain could beat most of the politicians in a fair fight with his one good hand. The other, you know, was crushed and broken several times during his trajectory from a fighter-bomber to the long-term hospitality of a North Vietnamese prison camp. You can’t be reminded of that enough. What doesn’t break you makes you stronger. Fighter jocks are made of strong stuff to begin with. Who the hell could stand all that mental and physical punishment and drilling? Chris Matthews? David Gregory? Keith Olbermann? Rush Limbaugh?

Speaking of absentees, the entire Democratic slate snubbed Florida. While they may blame the rules, it plays badly that Billary, John, and Barak wouldn't at least go down to spend some time with the folks.

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